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Jim Callis' Ask BA
Got a question? Send it in. Executive Editor Jim Callis fields reader questions every Wednesday.

Alan Schwarz Jim Callis
January 13, 2005: Sifting through round table reactions
December 23: Schuerholz' deals demonstrate his Midas touch
December 7: It's time to talk contracts once again
November 18: GM meetings not just about free agents anymore
November 4: Zink looks for silver lining after dismal season
October 21: Yankees finally learn about ignominy
October 7: Minaya earns his reward for keeping Expos afloat
September 23: Another year brings yet another title to Atlanta
September 9: Mac goes for record with 'Mr. 3000'
August 26: Mariners icon Edgar will be missed
August 12: August deals involve prospects too
July 29: Rolen transforms backyard into world of hope
July 14: Futures’ stars sound off in Houston
July 2: Unexpected cure sparks comeback
June 18: Draft finally moves into the video age
June 3: Worldwide Draft? We Hardly Knew Ye
June 1: Pittsfield lays claim to Garden of Eden
May 17: Damian Miller's Guide To Elite Pitchers
May 1: Mets turn to youth movement
Apr 17: Statistics only tell part of the story
Mar 26: Schilling Recalls First Stint With Red Sox
Mar 1: Yanks Deftly Spin Move to Third
Feb 14: Mauer’s greatness may take some time to bloom
January 13, 2005: Pros took big bite out of Clemson's banner class
December 23: Beane gambles by banking on pitching prospects
December 7: Not every phenom makes Top 10 Prospect lists
November 18: Good scouting got Santana for Twins
November 4: Pujols could have been another Cards loss to Sox
October 21: Draft feels less chilly the second time
October 7: True aberration: Twins develop talent from within
September 23: Game's big stars shone on Top 10 Prospects lists
September 9: Hitting homer as teenager bodes well for Upton
August 26: Yankees' conservative drafts cost them Johnson
August 12: Devastating Miller ranks atop Cape Cod League prospect list
July 29: Is Hernandez too good, too soon?
July 13: Risk With High School Righties Overstated
July 2: Bane shows no fear while running his first draft
June 18: Big budget leads to more draft risks
June 3: Bats Play Better Than Athleticism
May 21: Rice aces try to beat opponents, each other
May 15: Polish Or Stuff?
Apr 23: Texas Class of '01 looks stronger now
Apr 20: Princeton prospects shine, but hitting crop doesn't
Mar 19: Crystal ball sees L.A. winning it all in 2007
Feb 24: DePodesta, White May Not Be An Odd Couple
Feb 14: AL’s talent stretches beyond just Top 10s  
Will Lingo Tracy Ringolsby
February 8, 2005: Putting the fun back into things
January 13, 2005: Mayor looks for ballpark tenants
December 23: Fourth BA gala provides highlights from Anaheim
December 7: New PBA deal restores order to minors' statistics
November 18: Learn to love our new Clown Prince
November 4: Hersh's pursuit of more teams gets bogged down
October 21: Reborn Vancouver team proud to be Canadians
October 7: New PBA deal remains under wraps
September 23: Minor execs enjoy surge of power
September 9: Good, bad news with attendance
August 26: Affiliation shuffle will bring inevitable surprises
August 12: Silver Hawks broadcaster follows his own path
July 29: Jacobsen rewards Backers' patience
July 14: Futures Game becomes all grown up
July 2: Futures Game becomes midyear must
June 18: PCL, Cal League step in to control ailing franchises
June 4: Minor records take major research
June 1: Red Barons caught in political limbo
May 17: From The Cutting Room Floor
May 3: Some Minor League Teams In Limbo
Apr 20: Coastal Clash creating a unique tradition
Mar 25: Crime and Punishment
Mar 15: How the minors fit in
Mar 1: Sorting out Top 100 remains big fun
Feb 14: Prospect maven gets to find his own future stars
January 13, 2005: Trading Mulder, Hudson shows guts
December 23: Passing of Mattick echoes across game's landscape
December 7: Clemens' decision will turn on competitve desire
November 18: Jongewaard, Hunsicker retire, but maybe not for long
November 4: Karaff believed in Pujols before anyone
October 21: Scout has spent 63 years with St. Louis
October 7: Rockies won't deal away future again
September 23: Expiring contracts will free up cash
September 9: Delayed entrances raise questions about eligibility
August 26: Not all baseball draftees can resist football's lure
August 12: DePodesta not afraid to shake things up in L.A.
July 29: Goose lets loose on today's relievers
July 14: All-Star balloting displays appreciation for Bonds
July 2: Finding closers is art, not science
June 18: Big League deals can carry a hefty cost
June 3: Finding The Diamond Is Sometimes Rough
June 1: Clemens Leads Crop of 40-Somethings
May 17: Rockies Try Four-Man Rotation
May 3: Clubs tighten belts for start of season
Apr 17: International scouting presents unique problems
Mar 26: Selig, Fehr must proceed carefully on steroids issue
Mar 15: Players: Get serious about drug testing
Mar 1: A-Rod acquisition doesn't break bank for Yankees
Feb 14: McCourt won’t let Dodgers become free spenders
Jerry Crasnick John Manuel
January 13, 2005: Randolph follows his own path to top
December 23: Phillies take gentler route with Manuel
December 7: Purpura must plan Astros' future now
November 18: Temp job gives Bowden another shot
November 4: Biggio earns another year with Astros
October 21: Yankees await Steinbrenner's reaction
October 7: Free agent Delgado waits for new digs
September 23: Self-expression doesn't bother Bosox
September 9: Braves' Cox could finally get his due
August 26: Schmidt carries the load for Giants
August 12: Lefty relievers a luxury for La Russa
July 29: Unseen snags upset Marlins' plans
July 14: Change of scenery works for Hidalgo
July 2: Utility players carve their own niche
June 18: D'backs roll dice with Stephen Drew
June 4: Patience pays off for a pair of Pirates
June 1: Nothing can stop Rickey but Rickey
May 17: Even Keel Helps Baldelli
Apr 29: Wilson fights adversity to become leader
Apr 17: Everett brings unique brand of leadership to Montreal
Mar 26: Steriod Hysteria Runs Wild
Mar 15: Hoffman and Beck form uncommon bond
Mar 1: Transition to third is about commitment
Feb 14: Indians provide next step for players
January 13, 2005: Townsend seeks to show real image
July 2: Change-of-season plan would move CWS to July
June 17: True All-America Teams Omit Worthy Candidates
June 3: Changing Philosophies Mean Changing Fields
May 30: Powell's Strange Journey Nears End
May 17: Irish Recruiting Class Of '01 Overcomes
May 3: Pac-10 Finds Sudden Balance
Apr 17: First half of college season provides wealth of stories
Mar 24: Some scouts wonder if Larish has caught draftitis
Mar 15: RPI: The NCAA Responds
Feb 25: Stanford relies on bats -- not arms -- for recent success
Feb 14: Sprague follows twin trends to Pacific University
Mike Beradino Guests Columns
Apr 17: Arnsberg gets back to the basics
Mar 26: World Series Heroes Reunite In Milwaukee
Mar 17: Together Again, Against All Odds
Mar 1: Trump-like moves hint at Yankees' desparation
Feb 14: Pudge’s contract turned into worst-case scenario
Mar 7: Purging Steroids Is About The Future, Not The Past

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