CWS Chat With Will Kimmey

Moderator: Will Kimmey will stop by to talk about the College World Series at 4 p.m. ET.

 Q:  Jay from Texas asks:
Breakdown the pitching matchups for tonight? And if either series goes to tomorrow, who can Oregon State and Cal State Fullerton throw out there?

Will Kimmey: Daniel Bard pitches really well with the lead and can press when he falls behind, so the key to the North Carolina-Cal State game is which team can score first. A 2-0 lead for either side would be huge. You can expect Wes Roemer to battle, but I can't see him dominating for nine innings given that he's five days out of a start and one day out of a relief appearance. Fullerton likely goes to Dustin Miller tomorrow if it wins. Who else is there?

Will Kimmey: Rice has the rest on its side as well, while it's Turpen or Patterson for Oregon State. Neither of those two have much starting experience, but endurance is the more important key. It's hard to see either lasting more than five innings, and then it's up to Kunz and Gunderson in the bullpen. If OSU wins, we'll get Dallas Buck again.

 Q:  kinderowl from houston asks:
so sad to come back to houston before the CWS is over, but in any case, my question is: Looking back on the pre and mid season projections versus what we are actually seeing in the CWS, which teams did you overrate the most?

Will Kimmey: Well, Texas and Nebraska both went out the earliest of the No. 1 seeds, so that's probably the answer a Rice fan is looking for. In a tournament setting, sometimes the best team won't always win. Remember Rice had three first-round arms in 2004 and lost a home regional, maybe a bigger collapse than either Texas or Nebraska this year. Miami's Jim Morris, whose team apparently was the most underrated, always says it's not the best team that wins in Omaha, but the hottest. North Carolina is really hot right now, the only team that hasn't lost a game in this tournament.

 Q:  steve laurion from eugene oregon asks:
Do the OSU Beavers have enough pitching and offensive firepower to get through to the finals?

Will Kimmey: My magic eight ball says no. Rice gets a lot of attention for its arms, but its offense can swing the bats as well as any Owls team of recent vintage. Savery, Rodriguez and Luna can all mash, and Tyler Henley gets things done atop the lineup. I think Rice can score six or more tonight, so the Beavers really need to break out the bats.

 Q:  Sean from Athens, Ga. asks:
Which player or players has surprised you at the CWS as far as being better than you expected, or worse than you expected when you saw them in person.

Will Kimmey: It's really fun watching Jemile Weeks run in person. I just like watching fast guys. Rice's Bryce Cox has been impressive in two appearances. Even though he gave up the lead in the ninth inning, it was impressive watching the Matt Wieters show--catching, hitting everything, and pitching in the low 90s. Tyler Graham is just fast, I love watching him glide through the outfield. Dallas Buck's start the other night was a let down for most who thought he could be a first-rounder at the beginning of the year.

 Q:  Alex from Fullerton asks:
These CSF come from behind wins are going to give me heart attack! I know it does not look good for the Titans against UNC's vaunted pitching, but what do they need to do to pull off a two game sweep?

Will Kimmey: Wes Roemer has to get deep into the game if Fullerton is going to win. CSF needs to get ahead early, because if Daniel Bard settles in, it might not hit much. Ryan Paul is feeling about 80 percent today, so you could see an inning or two from him against North Carolina's lefties. And the Titans need to avoid using Dustin Miller until tomorrow. It looks like Andrew Miller gets the call if UNC loses.

 Q:  tiffythetitan from Oakland, CA asks:
Is Jered Clark officially just a hitter now? Anyway the Titans will need him on the mound if they continue to move on in the tournament? Thanks.

Will Kimmey: He won't pitch out here, but Fullerton plans to get him back on the mound next year.

 Q:  Philip Owens from Houston asks:
Maybe its just me,but it seems as if RICE doesnt get a great deal of love from the national media.Why is that, is RICE still just the small school from Texas, when will RICE be considerd a major power? what will it take?

Will Kimmey: It's just you. Rice won in 2003 and has been one of the nation's best teams before and after that. Maybe in your home state it's all about the Longhorns--and there's good reason for that--but people nationally and in Omaha know how good the Owls are.

 Q:  Chris Stone from Fayetteville, Ark. asks:
Can you give me 8 for next year? How about my Hawgs? And I was also thinking UCLA could be pretty stout, it sounds like they had a young team this year and add a big recruiting class. WOOO PIG!

Will Kimmey: UCLA, Arizona State, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Rice, Texas, Nebraska, Miami, North Carolina. That's nine, sorry.

 Q:  Cheat Hoop from Morrisville asks:
No matter what happens the rest of this year,this has been a great year for UNC baseball. What are the chances of them coming back to Omaha next year? Do they have any freshmen pitchers who can step in next year for Miller and bard?

Will Kimmey: Look at UNC's lineup tonight. All those hitters will be back next year, because all are freshmen and sophomores aside from Jay Cox, a junior drafted late enough he's ready to return. Robert Woodard and Luke Putkonen can anchor the pitching staff with Andrew Carignan in the pen, and the Tar Heels have a nice group of pitchers signed, at least one of which should get to campus and start on Sundays.

 Q:  Chad Nading from Alaska asks:
I'm bonkers for Beavers! But it looks like they are losing a lot of players this year, other than Barney at shortstop. Will htey have anything left for next season and another run at the Pac-10?

Will Kimmey: Losing Buck, Nickerson and Gunderson will be very tough for this team to overcome. Those three guys, as much as anyone, are why OSU has won the Pac-10 and reached the CWS two straight years.

 Q:  Bob from Scottsdale Arizona asks:
Hi Will, whose the biggest disapointment in the cws, Clemson?

Will Kimmey: Pat Casey of Oregon State has said many times, every team that reaches Omaha has had a great year. And he's right. It's unfair to say any team out here is a disappointment, even if the fans expected a title. Clemson lost two tough games against UNC and CSF, those teams are good. Clemson, for me, was built a lot like the recent Atlanta Braves teams, with good pitching depth to make it through the regular season, but no dominator to guarantee wins in the postseason.

 Q:  Ryan from Houston asks:
Joe Savery is my hero, and he should be yours too. Any chance he pitches anytime soon? Or is Bobby Bell and Craig Crow the starters if they go 2 games? Is Bryce Cox this year's Huston Street?

Will Kimmey: He was my hero in 2005, and we gave him the freshman of the year award to recognize that. He's hit well and played strong defense in the postseason, but watching him throw around the infield the other day, it doesn't look like we're going to see him pitch in Omaha. If I'm Wayne Graham, I'm going Bell, Crow or Crow, Bell for these two starts. I want Degerman to start the first game of the championship series. I know the popular sentiment is you can't win if you don't get there, so throw the ace. But I believe why just get there, try to win. And you can't show up to a gun fight with a knife hoping to maybe get back to your No. 1 guy in game three. Winning that opening game is huge, especially in for college kids who thrive on confidence.

Will Kimmey: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks, and enjoy the games.