Showcases On Hold In Response To International Draft

Showcases On Hold

Showcases in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela are postponed for now.

International Draft Is About Money, Not Balance Or Transparency

Cost Cutting

An international draft would give owners a cost containment system over players

Manfred Optimistic About New CBA

Optimism for CBA

Rob Manfred is confident a new CBA will be agreed to by Dec. 1.

MLB Players Appear In Videos Opposing International Draft

Conscientious Objectors

Videos of major leaguers opposed to international draft spread on social media

Why The Union Should Push Back At International Changes

Signing Age

Why the union should be against one of MLB's international changes

Dominican Players Take Drug Tests After Cancelled Showcase

Drug Test Time

Dominican players were surprised by the timing of drug tests following the cance[...]

Scenes From International Draft Protest In Dominican Republic

Protest Scene

Scenes from Wednesday's international draft protest in the Dominican Republic.

MLB Cancels Dominican Showcase

Showcase Cancelled

With players planning to boycott, MLB cancelled its Dominican national showcase.

MLB Proposes International Draft, But Reforms Must Start At The Top

International Draft

International system needs change, but MLB's plans aren't grounded in reality