College Top 25 (May 30)

Top 25

Ohio State and DBU enter the final poll before regionals begin

College Top 25 (May 23)

Top 25

The final poll of the regular season sees a new No. 1

College Top 25 (May 16)

Top 25

The Gators remain No. 1 and Bryant makes its first-ever appearance.

College Top 25 (May 9)

Top 25

Gators remain No. 1, with Arizona, Cal State Fullerton and Clemson entering

Top 25 Tracker (May 2)

Top 25 Tracker

Creighton one of four teams to enter the rankings this week

College Top 25 (May 2)

Top 25

Gators remain No. 1, with four teams entering the rankings this week.

Top 25 Tracker (April 25)

Keeping Track

Minnesota moves into the Top 25 for the first time since 2009.

College Top 25 (April 25)

Top 25

The Gators are back on top, with six teams entering the rankings.

Top 25 Tracker (April 18)

Keeping Track

Three teams enter the rankings, including Michigan State

College Top 25 (April 18)

Top 25

Miami remains No. 1; Michigan State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Coastal Carolina move [...]

Top 25 Tracker (April 11)

Top 25 Tracker

Keep track of all the Top 25 movement, including NC State re-entering the rankin[...]

College Top 25 (April 11)

The U Is The One

Miami's at the head of the Top 25 for the first time since June 2008

College Top 25 (April 4)

Back On Top

By sweeping Texas A&M, Florida regains the No. 1 ranking

Top 25 Tracker: March 28

Keeping Track

Florida Atlantic enters the Top 25 for the first time

Top 25 Tracker (March 21)

Keep Track

Where do the Top 25 teams play next? Keep abreast with the Tracker.

Top 25 Tracker (March 14)


Recapping the weekend action for ranked schools