Padres Hold Back Pitchers

Slow Their Roll

Some of the Padres’ projectable pitchers stayed in extended spring.

Padres’ Young Talent Shines On Back Fields

Talk of the Town

Padres fans are going to have to be patient, but the talent is on the horizon

Padres’ Adrian Morejon Shows Advanced Feel

Advanced Feel

Padres lefthander Adrian Morejon looks even better than advertised

Adrian Morejon Draws Crowd In Padres’ Intrasquad Game

Buzz For Morejon

Big-money Cuban signee Adrian Morejon drew quite the crowd Wednesday

Padres Invest Big In Cuban Players

Spending Big

The Padres are finally now making a strong play in the Cuban market

Cuban Players And Teams Growing Frustrated With MLB Free Agency Process

Cuban Signing Delay

Several Cuban players are still waiting for MLB to let them sign.

July 2 International Signing Period Preview

July 2 Preview

Ben Badler's big preview of the July 2 international signing period.