Paul DeJong Shows Off His Range

Within Range

Paul DeJong surprised the Cardinals with his ability to play shortstop.

Dylan Cease’s Development Excites Cubs

Cease Firing

Dylan Cease has dominated in his first year with the kid gloves off.

Luis Urias Shows No Sign Of Slowing

No Slowing Down

The Padres expect Luis Urias to struggle at some point, but it hasn't happened.

Jahmai Jones Overcomes Slow Start

Jones Shows Aptitude

Jahmai Jones' high level of aptitude helped him overcome a slow start.

Hit Tool Separates James Nelson

Standout Hitter

James Nelson shows feel to hit and a consistent swing path.

Nick Gordon Adds Power To His Game

Gordon Adds Power

Nick Gordon hit more homers in 2017 than he did in his first three seasons.

Francisco Mejia Makes It Look Easy

Making It Look Easy

Francisco Mejia broke out in 2016, but he's been even better this year.

Versatility Sets Yanio Perez Apart

Versatile Debut

Yanio Perez has power and the versatility to play all four corner positions.

Austin Hays Excels On Both Sides Of Ball

Complete Player

Austin Hays' defense will buy him time to develop his bat.

Brent Honeywell Readies For Big Leagues

Nearly Ready

Brent Honeywell has shown front-of-the-rotation stuff at Triple-A.

Textbook Approach Pays Off For Marcus Wilson

Textbook Approach

Marcus Wilson excels at waiting for his pitch and attacking it once he gets it.

Athletic Khalil Lee Stands Out

Lee Stands Out

Khalil Lee had just two plate appearances against a younger pitcher.

Matt Olson Employs Ambush Tactics

Ambush Tactics

A more aggressive approach paid off for Matt Olson at Triple-A.

Victor Robles Levels Up

Robles Levels Up

Physical maturity helped Victor Robles shine in the Carolina League.

Derek Fisher Powers Up

Fisher Powers Up

Derek Fisher made an effort to hit more balls in the air this season.