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Here We Go Again

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The second World Baseball Classic, the global showcase that ultimately received plaudits from inaugural cynics in 2006, will begin in March with Japan trying to repeat as champion and the U.S. seeking redemption for its early elimination. If redemption seems an overstatement considering U.S. players are still in the early to mid-phase of spring training with the goal of winning the World Series as opposed to the World Classic, manager Davey Johnson says the "sour taste" of '06 should provide motivation amid favorable changes in the format.

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World Baseball Classic Notebook

John Manuel -

Top 10 World Baseball Classic Prospects. Though just two ended up playing for the title, it was the inclusion of big leaguers that made the World Baseball Classic such an enormous event. However, like international baseball events of the past, prospects still got a chance to shine. Three prospects who raised their profile as much as anyone at the Classic were Italy's Tony Giarratano, Australia's Brad Harman and Taiwan's Chin-Lung Hu.

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Grilli Fries Aussie Bats As Italy Rolls

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When the San Francisco Giants made Jason Grilli the fourth overall pick in 1997, it was with the expectation that he would be a front-of-the-rotation starter in the big leagues. While that has yet to happen, he dominated like one tonight as Italy enforced the mercy rule against Australia with 10-0 victory in seven innings behind dominant pitching from Grilli and Riccardo De Santis, and some powerful hitting from Mark Saccomano and Vince Sinisi.

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