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World Baseball Classic Notebook

Eric Edwards -

Albert Pujols said he is already looking forward to representing the Dominican Republic at the next World Baseball Classic in 2009. Dominican manager Manny Acta would like to see the spring exhibition season moved up so the players would have a more game experience before the tournament begins. Yuliesky Gourriel practiced with Cuba on Tuesday and will be in the lineup against Puerto Rico. Bob DuPuy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball said that he discussed with officials from MB Sports the prospect of bringing more games to San Juan, either this season, or beyond.

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Memo For MLB

Alan Schwarz -

Lost in the hoopla, forgotten in the waning skepticism and mounting excitement of each of its 39 games, was the fact that the inaugural World Baseball Classic was just that—the first attempt at what will surely be an even better event in 2009 and beyond. It was a dry run, a hastily planned experiment that as much as anything became a learning experience for all. Here are the Top 10 things everyone involved — the players, the organizers, the press and the fans — learned from the first World Baseball Classic.

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World Baseball Classic: Let The Games Begin

Matt Meyers -

When plans for the World Baseball Classic were announced last summer, it was hard to find a baseball fan who wasn't drooling over the prospect of seeing an international competition of the highest order. But as details of the event gradually got hammered out, many attitudes in the press toward the event evolved from intrigue to insult. While the focus for many has been on the foibles of the event, for those paying attention many participants and fans have shown a lot of enthusiasm.

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WBC Set To Open With Asia Round In Tokyo

Wayne Graczyk -

The 2006 World Baseball Classic begins Friday, March 3, as the Asia Round gets underway at Tokyo Dome. Host country Japan will be joined in the WBC Pool A by China, Taiwan and Korea, and the top two teams following three days of round-robin play will advance to Round Two of the WBC beginning March 12 in Anaheim. Japan and Korea are favored to move on to California.

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