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Top 100 Prospects: No. 1-20

This is Baseball America's 21st annual Top 100 Prospects list, our definitive annual ranking of the best professional talent in baseball below the major league level. And this year, we're turning the focus in the list to the best tool for each player. We'll highlight that tool, as well as giving it a grade on the 20-80 scouting scale—where 20 is the worst, 80 the best, and 50 major league average.

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The Great Debate

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Each Top 100 Prospects list takes on characteristics all its own, and one of the most notable features about this year's list is that Rays lefthander David Price and Orioles catcher Matt Wieters were a cut above everyone else. They were the top two prospects in the 2007 draft, and after their spectacular pro debuts in 2008, they're now the top two prospects in baseball. But who is guilty of being the game's No. 1 prospect? To answer that question, we assembled a jury of 12 eminent talent evaluators and asked them which player they'd choose if they were starting a team from scratch. Executive editor Jim Callis selected and interviewed the jurors, and we present their responses here.

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Top 100 Prospects Update

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With three months of the season expired, we have a pretty good idea what the top quarter of the Top 100 Prospects list would look like. To qualify for this list, a player must be rookie-eligible; he must to be in the minor leagues at the time of the Futures Game; and he must have been under contract prior to 2008.

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Split Decisions: First Basemen

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As part of our 19th annual Top 100 Prospects list, we present Split Decisions, where our prospect experts explain why they favored certain players over others. Editors in chief Will Lingo and John Manuel, executive editor Jim Callis and national writer Chris Kline put together the Top 100 and defend their thinking. Here's a look at some first base prospects: Lars Anderson, Daric Barton and Joey Votto.

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