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Scout’s View: Braves’ Double-A Pitchers

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The Braves were pushing for their first playoff spot in five seasons in 2010, leading the National League East with a big push from rookies such as Jason Heyward, Johnny Venters and, in August, 2009 first-round pick Mike Minor. Meanwhile, none of the team's affiliates figured to make the playoffs in the minors, yet talent is surging through the Braves system. That's particularly true on the mound, as one National League pro scout found during a pair of visits to Double-A Mississippi.

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AFL Scout’s View: James Simmons

Chris Kline -Premium Content

The Athletics' 2007 first-round pick James Simmons was UC Riverside's ace since his freshman season in 2005, and wore that tag until this spring when Oakland took him 26th overall. We caught up with a veteran National League scout to provide us with a breakdown of Simmons, who could move extremely fast if he remains in the bullpen.

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