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Prospect Hot Sheet: June 13

We're back. After a one-week hiatus of the normal Hot Sheet while we attended to the Major League Baseball draft, we're back with our weekly listing of which prospects had the best weeks around the minors. We've worked in a lot of new faces this week, including several players, like Jon Jay and Adam Moore, who find themselves blocked by more highly regarded prospects a level above them. It may mean they struggle to make it to the big leagues in their current organization, but at least they can rest assured that the Hot Sheet noticed them.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: May 30

Braves outfielder Jason Heyward has had a hot and cold season, with stints on the Hot Sheet and on the Not-So-Hot list. This week, he's been on a roll again, earning himself the top spot on the Prospect Hot Sheet.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: Can’t Hit Scherzer

Another week, another Hot Sheet. And as usual, it's top to pick between some of the hottest prospects in the minors. Do you prefer the utter domination of Max Scherzer's strikeouts or Trevor Cahill's ability to deal with the conditions of the California League?

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Prospect Hot Sheet: This Hanson’s A Hit

You know it's prospect season when the Prospect Hot Sheet makes its first appearance. This year we're bringing expanded analysis of a baker's dozen of the minors' best performers for the week. And for the first time ever, we're offering a weekly Prospect Hot Sheet chat to coincide with the Sheet's release. Ben Badler kicks things off in Week One.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: Sept. 4

This year, we decided to go out with a humdinger of a Hot Sheet; ranking the top 20 biggest years of the 2007 season and not just pull out the 20 players who finished the last week of the regular season strong.

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