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White Sox Organization Report

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uan Uribe has no assurances with the White Sox beyond this season, and further jeopardizing his job security is an intriguing crop of shortstop prospects rising through the system. The Sox haven't had a homegrown player as their primary shortstop since Bucky Dent, who was traded to the Yankees in 1977. This will be an interesting season at the position in the minors, with three prospects battling to be the regular shortstop at Triple-A Charlotte.

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Braves Organization Report

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General manager John Schuerholz went to great lengths in the offseason to improve the Braves' bullpen. But while the rotation boasts veterans John Smoltz, Tim Hudson and Mike Hampton, the fact remains that Smoltz turns 40 in May, and neither Hudson nor Hampton have been the same pitchers they were prior to their 30th birthdays.

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