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2006 Independent Leagues Top Prospects

J.J. Cooper -

Readers of Baseball America know we are always looking to uncover prospects, wherever we can find them. So, naturally, we've extended that search to the independent leagues. The following is a list of players who stood out for their potential to make it to—or back to—affiliated ball, with the potential to raise some eyebrows if they get the chance. The opinions of independent league managers helped shape this effort.

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Independent Audit: Sept. 7

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Independent league managers don't have much of a rooting interest in whether Monterrey or Saltillo wins the crown, but they have an intense interest in finding out which teams have been knocked out. When a Mexican League team's season is over, its players are free to sign with a U.S. club for the rest of the year. And for independent league teams in pennant races, an early August pickup could be the difference between making the playoffs and sitting home.

Minors | #2006#Independent Audit