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Future’s Game Gets An Olympic Twist

Ben Badler -

This year, the Futures Game is getting an Olympic twist. Players on the United States roster for the Futures Game this year will be the among those who are being considered for the 2008 U.S. Olympic team. Those players won't necessarily play on the team that USA Baseball sends to the Beijing Games in August, but USA Baseball will draw from this pool of players to help form the Olympic team.

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Niemann Reflects

Chris Kline -

SAN FRANCISCO–The World team stole four bases on five attempts in the first three innings, prompting some thoughts from U.S. righthander Jeff Niemann . . . “That mound was pristine […]

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U.S. half of the sixth

Will Lingo -

World pitchers continue to hold the U.S. batters in check. Franklin Morales opened the inning after finishing the fifth, and he struck out Matt Tolbert and Jay Bruce and walked […]

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World half of the sixth

Will Lingo -

Righthander Clay Buchholz gave up a leadoff home run to Joey Votto, but otherwise looked impressive. Votto hit Buchholz’ second pitch out to left field, followed by Max Ramirez striking […]

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