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Baseball For The Ages

Allan Simpson -

Two years ago, Baseball America embarked on a project called Baseball For The Ages, which recognized the best baseball players in America from 12 to 60. It was an ambitious undertaking that we expected to be a one-shot deal, but it proved so popular that it has become an annual fixture. Our third edition, like the second, identifies only the game's up-and-coming players, from 12 to 25.

High School | #2005#For The Ages

Opportunity, Demands Explode For Youth Players

Alan Matthews -

The arena—the sphere of competition and exposure—for today's amateurs has changed as drastically as the arenas in which those competitions are held. While the game's fundamentals remain much the same as they were 10, 20, even 50 years ago, how youth and high school-age players are developing the tools to perform those fundamentals have become profoundly complex.

High School | #2005#For The Ages