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Overall Draft Top 33

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Thanks to the Nationals and Yankees' inability to sign their 2008 first-round picks, the 2009 first round is already the longest in baseball history, and if the Mariners can't sign Joshua Fields, it will extend to 33 picks. But there's no debate as to who is at the top of everyone's list heading into the 2009 college and high school seasons, as Stephen Strasburg is the clear No. 1.

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Special Summer

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Alex Meyer went from being an unknown local standout to becoming a highly coveted high school recruit, an All-American and a common name in scouting circles—all within the span of two innings.

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2008 Draft Order

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After the 2007 draft featured 34 supplemental first-round draft picks, blowing away the previous record of 22 in 1997, this year's sandwich round won't be nearly as long. There have been just 15 supplemental first-rounders doled out to teams thus far, with the potential for three more if Type B free agents Livan Hernandez (Diamondbacks), Mike Piazza and Shannon Stewart (both Athletics) sign with new clubs.

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Too Tempting To Pass Up?

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Scouts are enthused about the 2008 draft, which will begin on June 5 with the Rays making the first pick, because of the diverse talent available. The consensus is that there are more quality college bats—not in terms of athleticism but just sheer offensive firepower—than in any year in recent memory.

Draft | #2008#Early Draft Preview