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Danny Hall’s Alumni Make A Pretty Impressive Club

John Manuel -

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek retired last week. While his major league career was a significant one—with two World Series championships as captain of the Red Sox, 1,307 career hits, a .256/.341/.435 slash line and 193 career home runs—Varitek's college career, in relative terms, was even more significant. For all intents and purposes, Jason Varitek was the best catcher in college baseball history.

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Prospect Handbook Change Makes The Grade

Will Lingo -

Baseball America Grades are one of the most significant changes to the Prospect Handbook since it debuted in 2001. We make changes to the book every year, from the modest, such as changing the statistical categories we list, to the more significant, such as adding minor league depth charts.

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CBA Shouldn’t Squash Small-Market Teams’ Chances

Jim Callis -Premium Content

When details of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement began trickling out, initial reaction from many scouting officials and agents was that MLB and the Players Association had killed the draft. And along with it, almost any chance small-revenue teams had to compete. As more particulars became available, it became apparent that rumors of those deaths had been greatly exaggerated.

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Initial CBA Reaction Was Overheated

Will Lingo -Premium Content

Nov. 22, 2011, will be remembered as a great day in baseball history. On that day Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association announced a five-year renewal of their Collective Bargaining Agreement, assuring baseball of more than 20 years of continuous labor peace. You might not have known that had you followed the news on Twitter that day.

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