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New CBA Hides Gems Among Its Details

Will Lingo -Premium Content

While the details of baseball's documents aren't salacious, they can illuminating. For example, I remember finding the provision in the Professional Baseball Agreement (the contract between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball) that provided the framework for the Futures Game. Exciting stuff! There are plenty of gems in the new CBA as well.<br/>

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Teen Trio Presents Top 10 Challenge

Jim Callis -Premium Content

Putting together a prospect list involves parsing through statistics and scouting reports, balancing performance and potential. What makes that process fun and exasperating at the same time is that there are few clear-cut answers.

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Canada Gets Rare Role Of WBC Favorite

John Manuel -Premium Content

Antoan Richardson was born in the Bahamas, went to high school at American Heritage High in South Florida, played college ball at Vanderbilt and is headed to Germany to play for Great Britain. Don't you have to love the World Baseball Classic?

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