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Class A Freitas Award: San Jose

Conor Glassey -

If a minor league owner could create a blueprint for success, it would probably look something like this: win games, boost attendance, become more profitable and remain an integral part of the community. The San Jose Giants have done all those things and more, making them an easy selection for Baseball America's 2009 high Class A Freitas Award.

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Triple-A Freitas Award: Iowa Cubs

Jim Shonerd -

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the Iowa Cubs' 2009 season is what the team had to endure in 2008. The I-Cubs' return to normalcy after one of the worst natural disasters to hit the region was no small feat—neither was the 10.2 percent increase the Triple-A Pacific Coast League affiliate saw at the gate in 2009.

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Building Boom Has Been Replaced By Sharing

John Manuel -Premium Content

The building boom in college baseball looks to be over, thanks to less demand—most of the programs that want or need new ballparks have gotten them—but also thanks to the economy. It's just harder to raise money now than it was even two years ago, and it's much harder to borrow the kind of money needed to build large facilities.

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