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Midseason Top 50 College Prospects

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The top 50 college prospects for the 2007 draft, compiled by Baseball America through discussions with scouts. Rankings are based on overall future potential without regard to signability or where players will be drafted in 2007, and no players under control to other clubs (i.e., drafts-and-follows) were included.

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Hold On Tightly

With the draft only two days away, the first round is beginning to take shape. High schoolers dominate the top of the draft, although David Price has a big lead for the top spot in the final Draft Tracker. The Vanderbilt lefthander grabbed the lead in our first Draft Tracker and never let it go.

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Brackman In A Free-fall

Mike Moustakas finally breaks through to the fifth spot, knocking Andrew Brackman out of the top six for the first time. Brackman lands all the way near the bottom of the first round.

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Vitters On The Move

The second Draft Tracker in preparation for the 2007 draft comes with plenty of movement throughout the ranking. California high school third baseman Josh Vitters makes the most dramatic rise, moving up seven places to No. 3.

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College Crop On Top

The first ranking of the 2007 draft's best prospects, enough to fill the first round, based purely on talent. College players take up the top three spots and six of the top 10.

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2007 Top 200 Draft Prospects

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Baseball America's comprehensive review of the top prospects for this year's draft, based on discussions with high school and college coaches and professional scouts and executives. Our list is based on the overall professional potential of the players, not necessarily on where we expect them to get drafted.

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Santos Hopes To Regroup

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Blue Jays infielder Sergio Santos took a step back in his career in 2007. But the move back to Double-A after two seasons at the Triple-A level turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Diamondbacks' 2002 first round draft choice.

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Changing The Game

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Baseball's dirty little secret is no longer a secret, exposed through the 409 pages of the Mitchell Report, which spells out the significant impact performance enhancing drugs have had on the game. But once you get past the 88 names in the report, the ones that will generate all of the headlines, the hope is that the report will change the culture of the game.

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