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Charleston (SC) RiverDogs

Roster / Players (Statistics)

Date Opponent Result Win Loss Save  
Apr 05vs. Greenville DriveW 1-0Peterson, NicholasLarge, T.J.Box
Apr 06vs. Greenville DriveW 8-2Hacker, EricSocolovich, MiguelBox
Apr 07vs. Greenville DriveW 2-1Duff, GrantRichardson, DustinHovis, JonathanBox
Apr 08vs. Greenville DriveW 8-1Dunn, MikeSteinocher, BrianBox
Apr 09vs. Asheville TouristsW 7-4Trubee, LukeFerrer, SimonHovis, JonathanBox
Apr 10vs. Asheville TouristsL 0-6Sullivan, JoshNorton, TimBox
Apr 11vs. Asheville TouristsW 6-2Hacker, EricGraham, AndyBox
Apr 12vs. Asheville TouristsL 3-9Weiser, KeithDuff, GrantBox
Apr 13@ Augusta GreenJacketsL 4-10Sosa, HenryMartinez, BradyBox
Apr 14@ Augusta GreenJacketsL 0-2Pucetas, KevinReyes, AngelGrace, RobertBox
Apr 15@ Augusta GreenJacketsL 0-4Cowart, AdamNorton, TimBox
Apr 16@ Augusta GreenJacketsL 8-12Lussier, PaulHacker, EricBox
Apr 17@ Kannapolis IntimidatorsL 2-11Rasner, JacobDuff, GrantBox
Apr 18@ Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 1-0Dunn, MikeZazueta, AlbertoRobertson, DavidBox
Apr 19@ Kannapolis IntimidatorsPostponed    
Apr 20@ Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 3-1Patterson, GarrettLong, MattBox
Apr 20@ Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 5-1Norton, TimBrooks, RickyBox
Apr 21vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 4-0Hacker, EricStinson, JoshBox
Apr 22vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 4-2Duff, GrantStoner, TobiHovis, JonathanBox
Apr 23vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 6-1Dunn, MikeStronach, TimBox
Apr 24vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 2-1Peterson, NicholasMizell, JeremyHovis, JonathanBox
Apr 26vs. Columbus CatfishL 2-5Rollins, HeathNorton, TimBaker, BrianBox
Apr 27vs. Columbus CatfishW 6-4Robertson, DavidMorse, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Apr 28vs. Columbus CatfishW 7-4Duff, GrantFines, WoodsMedina, GabeBox
Apr 29vs. Columbus CatfishL 1-7Butler, JoshDunn, MikeFrontz, NealBox
Apr 30@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 8-3Peterson, NicholasDurkin, MattBox
May 01@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 4-0Medina, GabePolanco, JulioBox
May 02@ Savannah Sand GnatsL 3-4Mizell, JeremyReyes, AngelMeyers, RyanBox
May 03@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 3-1Duff, GrantStoner, TobiRobertson, DavidBox
May 04@ Columbus CatfishL 5-6Falk, MattHovis, JonathanBox
May 05@ Columbus CatfishL 5-8Owen, RyanPatterson, GarrettFrontz, NealBox
May 06@ Columbus CatfishL 4-5Reid, RyanRobertson, DavidBox
May 08vs. Savannah Sand GnatsL 4-7Mullens, GregAxford, JohnBox
May 09vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 10-3Duff, GrantStinson, JoshBox
May 10vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 10-6Trubee, LukeStoner, TobiBox
May 11vs. Savannah Sand GnatsL 2-4Stronach, TimMedina, GabeKoons, DavidBox
May 12@ Asheville TouristsL 8-11Kreidermacher, AndrewSoto, EdgarBaumgardner, TommyBox
May 13@ Asheville TouristsL 6-12Parker, DavidPatterson, GarrettBox
May 14@ Asheville TouristsL 1-7Weiser, KeithNova, IvanBox
May 15@ Asheville TouristsL 5-6Simons, ZachRobertson, DavidBaumgardner, TommyBox
May 16vs. Rome BravesW 5-2Dunn, MikeCofield, KyleHovis, JonathanBox
May 17vs. Rome BravesL 1-7Sencion, CarlosPatterson, GarrettCurtis, JamesBox
May 17vs. Rome BravesL 1-7Sencion, CarlosPatterson, GarrettCurtis, JamesBox
May 18vs. Rome BravesW 5-2Robertson, DavidLyman, JeffHovis, JonathanBox
May 19vs. Rome BravesW 4-1Nova, IvanJohnson, JosephHovis, JonathanBox
May 21@ Columbus CatfishL 3-6Hellickson, JeremyDuff, GrantReid, RyanBox
May 22@ Columbus CatfishL 2-4Rollins, HeathDunn, MikeOwen, RyanBox
May 23@ Columbus CatfishL 3-7Frontz, NealPeterson, NicholasBox
May 24@ Columbus CatfishW 3-2Nova, IvanTownsend, WadeTejeda, FerdinBox
May 25@ Rome BravesW 7-1Robertson, DavidGustafson, TimBox
May 26@ Rome BravesL 0-4Hanson, TommyDuff, GrantBox
May 27@ Rome BravesW 6-3Dunn, MikeCofield, KyleHovis, JonathanBox
May 28@ Rome BravesL 11-12Curtis, JamesPatterson, GarrettBox
May 29vs. Columbus CatfishW 9-1Nova, IvanTownsend, WadeBox
May 30vs. Columbus CatfishL 7-8Frontz, NealHovis, JonathanOwen, RyanBox
May 31vs. Columbus CatfishW 6-2Duff, GrantMorse, RyanTrubee, LukeBox
Jun 01vs. Columbus CatfishW 5-2Dunn, MikeReid, RyanRobertson, DavidBox
Jun 02@ Savannah Sand GnatsPostponed    
Jun 03@ Savannah Sand GnatsL 2-3Durkin, MattNova, IvanMeyers, RyanBox
Jun 04@ Savannah Sand GnatsL 3-4Mullens, GregAxford, JohnKoons, DavidBox
Jun 04@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 2-1Robertson, DavidMeyers, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 05@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 12-2Duff, GrantMizell, JeremyBox
Jun 06@ Columbus CatfishW 15-6Dunn, MikeRollins, HeathBox
Jun 07@ Columbus CatfishL 2-4Butler, JoshMedina, GabeFrontz, NealBox
Jun 08@ Columbus CatfishW 6-4Nova, IvanOwen, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 09@ Columbus CatfishW 4-1Noesi, HectorFines, WoodsHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 11vs. Savannah Sand GnatsL 5-10Mizell, JeremyDuff, GrantBox
Jun 12vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 5-2Dunn, MikeStronach, TimHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 13vs. Savannah Sand GnatsL 1-5Durkin, MattNova, IvanFrederick, EmaryBox
Jun 14vs. Augusta GreenJacketsW 5-4Robertson, DavidShaver, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 15vs. Augusta GreenJacketsL 2-6Snyder, BenHacker, EricBox
Jun 16vs. Augusta GreenJacketsW 2-0Duff, GrantGriffin, DanHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 17vs. Augusta GreenJacketsL 0-6Tanner, ClaytonDunn, MikeBox
Jun 21@ Rome BravesW 6-4Tejeda, FerdinCurtis, JamesHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 22@ Rome BravesL 1-2Lyman, JeffNoesi, HectorMedlen, KrisBox
Jun 23@ Rome BravesW 9-4Duff, GrantGustafson, TimBox
Jun 24@ Rome BravesW 4-0Dunn, MikeHeath, DeunteBox
Jun 25@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 7-5Hacker, EricPortillo, NelsonHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 26@ Savannah Sand GnatsL 4-11Simmons, JeramyNova, IvanBox
Jun 28vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 7-3Duff, GrantMizell, JeremyBox
Jun 29vs. Savannah Sand GnatsL 1-2Castillo, JonathanHovis, JonathanBox
Jun 30vs. Rome BravesW 3-2Hacker, EricCofield, KylePatterson, GarrettBox
Jul 01vs. Rome BravesL 4-14Broadway, MikeSoto, EdgarBox
Jul 02vs. Rome BravesL 2-5Richmond, JamieVillalona, BryanBox
Jul 03vs. Rome BravesL 6-8Jones, BeauHovis, JonathanReynoso, RyneBox
Jul 04@ Columbus CatfishW 6-3Dunn, MikeReid, RyanPatterson, GarrettBox
Jul 05@ Columbus CatfishL 7-8Noel, WiltonHoover, JesseBaker, BrianBox
Jul 06@ Columbus CatfishL 8-11Owen, RyanPatterson, GarrettBox
Jul 07vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 8-2Martinez, BradyCastillo, JonathanBox
Jul 07vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 8-2Martinez, BradyCastillo, JonathanBox
Jul 08vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 2-1Duff, GrantMeyers, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 09vs. Savannah Sand GnatsW 5-4Soto, EdgarD'Alessandro, JoeBox
Jul 11vs. Columbus CatfishW 3-1Hoover, JesseReid, RyanBox
Jul 12vs. Columbus CatfishW 3-0Medina, GabeTownsend, WadeHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 13vs. Columbus CatfishL 1-3Fines, WoodsMartinez, BradyBaker, BrianBox
Jul 14@ Savannah Sand GnatsPostponed    
Jul 15@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 2-1Dunn, MikeMizell, JeremyHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 15@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 6-1Trubee, LukeStinson, JoshBox
Jul 16@ Savannah Sand GnatsW 12-4Hacker, EricDurkin, MattBox
Jul 17vs. Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 3-1Medina, GabeZazueta, AlbertoHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 18vs. Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 4-2Martinez, BradyDe Los Santos, FautinoHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 19vs. Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 10-0Nova, IvanEdwards, JustinBox
Jul 20vs. Kannapolis IntimidatorsW 10-8Martinez, BradyRote, RyanBox
Jul 21@ Asheville TouristsL 5-6Baumgardner, TommyTrubee, LukeBox
Jul 22@ Asheville TouristsL 3-5Rogers, EsmilTejeda, FerdinBox
Jul 23@ Asheville TouristsL 1-6Weiser, KeithDuff, GrantBox
Jul 24@ Asheville TouristsL 1-4Graham, AndyHoover, JesseBaumgardner, TommyBox
Jul 25@ Greenville DriveW 7-5Dunn, MikeBard, DanielHovis, JonathanBox
Jul 26@ Greenville DriveW 13-8Hacker, EricDoubront, FelixBox
Jul 27@ Greenville DriveW 5-1Hoover, JesseSteinocher, BrianBox
Jul 28@ Greenville DriveL 6-8New, BrantleyDuff, GrantBox
Jul 30vs. Hickory CrawdadsPostponed    
Jul 31vs. Hickory CrawdadsL 2-5Crotta, MichaelNova, IvanBox
Jul 31vs. Hickory CrawdadsL 3-4Castorri, ChristianHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 01vs. Hickory CrawdadsW 3-2Artz, StephenMolleken, DustinBox
Aug 02vs. Hickory CrawdadsW 5-3Trubee, LukeClapp, BradleyHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 03vs. Greensboro GrasshoppersW 3-2Hoover, JesseStone, BradArtz, StephenBox
Aug 04vs. Greensboro GrasshoppersW 4-3Hovis, JonathanJones, BlakeBox
Aug 05vs. Greensboro GrasshoppersW 7-3Nova, IvanWinters, KyleTrubee, LukeBox
Aug 06vs. Greensboro GrasshoppersW 7-4Hacker, EricCowley, TomHoover, JesseBox
Aug 08@ Lexington LegendsW 8-7Patterson, PaulBass, CoreyHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 09@ Lexington LegendsL 2-6Qualben, DavidDuff, GrantWagler, ChadBox
Aug 10@ Lexington LegendsL 0-1Trinidad, PolinNova, IvanDeYoung, KyleBox
Aug 11@ Lexington LegendsL 4-5Norris, BudDunn, MikeDeYoung, KyleBox
Aug 12@ West Virginia PowerL 3-10Ferguson, ShawnAxford, JohnSutton, JaredBox
Aug 13@ West Virginia PowerL 4-8King, J.T.Patterson, PaulBox
Aug 14@ West Virginia PowerW 7-3Duff, GrantPeriard, AlexBox
Aug 15@ West Virginia PowerL 5-7Toneguzzi, ChrisNova, IvanHand, DonovanBox
Aug 17vs. Augusta GreenJacketsW 4-3Hovis, JonathanTrinidad, JuanBox
Aug 18vs. Augusta GreenJacketsL 4-5Tanner, ClaytonDunn, MikeOrtiz-Jusino, AdamBox
Aug 19vs. Augusta GreenJacketsW 4-0Patterson, PaulSnyder, BenBox
Aug 20vs. Augusta GreenJacketsL 3-6Cowart, AdamNova, IvanMatos, OsirisBox
Aug 21vs. Columbus CatfishW 3-0Duff, GrantHellickson, JeremyHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 22vs. Columbus CatfishW 6-1Hacker, EricFines, WoodsBox
Aug 23vs. Columbus CatfishW 8-7Hovis, JonathanReid, RyanBox
Aug 24@ Rome BravesL 4-7Broadway, MikePatterson, PaulAcosta, JorgeBox
Aug 25@ Rome BravesW 10-7Artz, StephenRailsback, CodyHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 26@ Rome BravesPostponed    
Aug 27@ Rome BravesW 6-4Duff, GrantRamirez, WiliamHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 27@ Rome BravesL 3-4Cammons, BrettVillalona, BryanReynoso, RyneBox
Aug 28@ Columbus CatfishPostponed    
Aug 29@ Columbus CatfishL 1-2Baker, BrianTejeda, FerdinBox
Aug 29@ Columbus CatfishL 1-2Rollins, HeathArtz, StephenBox
Aug 30@ Columbus CatfishW 4-3Patterson, PaulMorse, RyanHovis, JonathanBox
Aug 31vs. Rome BravesW 5-3Trubee, LukeRailsback, CodyBox
Sep 01vs. Rome BravesW 5-3Tejeda, FerdinRamirez, WiliamHovis, JonathanBox
Sep 02vs. Rome BravesL 5-7Shaffer, JaredVillalona, BryanPruneda, BeninoBox
Sep 03vs. Rome BravesW 6-5Hovis, JonathanMcMillan, ClaytonBox