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Red Sox Surprise With Fuentes

John Manuel -

The Red Sox went to Reymond Fuentes, surprising basically all of us. He’s a lefthanded hitter from Puerto Rico and the top player on the island. Fuentes’ mother is Carlos […]


John And Jim’s Fantasy Draft

John Manuel and Jim Callis -

What's more fun than playing scouting director? Playing scouting director for 16 teams. Our draft experts, Jim Callis and John Manuel, alternate picks and let you know who they'd choose if they were running the draft for each club, staying true to their finances and needs. Jim won the coin toss, so he gets to start off by taking the best prospect in draft history.

Draft | #2009#Draft Preview

Still Talent To Be Found

Jim Callis -Premium Content

The prevailing vibe is that this draft is as appealing as the swine flu, that the talent pool pretty much starts and ends with San Diego State righthander Stephen Strasburg and is bereft of position players, especially on the college side. Don't believe it.

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A Complete Mystery

John Manuel -

The 2009 draft will be known as the Stephen Strasburg draft. The San Diego State righthander entered the spring as the No. 1 prospect on virtually every draft board, then proceeded to destroy the rest of the field with a devastatingly dominant season. When he wrapped up his home schedule with a 17-strikeout no-hitter against Air Force, he cemented his legend as the best college pitcher of the modern era and as a draft prospect with unparalleled hype and expectations.<br/>

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Southern Fried Lefties, Redux

John Manuel -

The 2004 draft wound up being a decent one despite the follies of No. 1 overall pick Matt Bush. He wasn’t the only disappointment in that class, of course, but […]


Swimming In Sophomores

Jim Callis -Premium Content

A year after college baseball boasted its best draft crop of position players this decade, scouts have lamented the dropoff among 2009 candidates after Southern California shortstop Grant Green and North Carolina first baseman Dustin Ackley. If not for an unusually strong group of draft-eligible sophomores, the pickings would be even slimmer.

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Weekend Preview: April 3-5

Aaron Fitt -

Aaron Fitt previews the weekend in baseball which includes an outstanding matchup out West. It's a deluxe edition with breakdowns on Georgia Tech's impressive start, revelations of why Tennessee is struggling and the nation's top independent team, Bryant.

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