Scout's View: Alexei Ramirez

If you haven’t seen Alexei Ramirez's swing, we posted it in a blog on Wednesday.

But what exactly does Ramirez, who recently emigrated from Cuba to the Dominican Republic, bring to the table in his complete package of tools?

Apparently a lot.

Baseball America contacted four international scouting directors to get a feel for Ramirez’s toolbox, and all four—including two from large-market clubs--expressed concern for how much money the 26-year-old will command as a free agent.

A lot of that has to do with Ramirez’s agent, Jamie Torres, who landed big money for Cuban defectors such as Jose Contreras, Yohannis Perez (Brewers) and, most recently, Yoslan Herrera (Pirates).

"Right now there’s no indication what (Torres) is looking for," said one international scouting director from an American League club. "But it seems like the trajectory is getting higher and higher every hour."

We talked to one international scout from a National League club to give us a breakdown on Ramirez, and how he projects as a pro player in the States—which is much different than the big offensive numbers he put up at home in Cuba and even all the international tournaments in which he’s played.

Arm Strength
Fielding50 (OF)

55 (SS)
"He profiles as an above-average big leaguer in right field," the scout said of the 6-foot-1, 175-pounder. "He’s got slightly below-average power from the right side, but a hit tool that is well above-average.

"He played a lot of shortstop in Cuba and I wouldn’t rule that out when he comes to the States because he has the bat to back it up. He’s got a great arm, good hands and very good body control. He can go in the hole and get it and range to his left toward the bag and make the throw on the run with no problem.

"He has the ability to be a top-of-the-order tablesetter, but also can drive in some runs. He showed a good knack to drag bunts and beat them out with no problem. While he has good speed, he’s an average baserunner and that’ll take some time over here (in the States) to really get a grip on.

"The thing is, he’s very athletic wherever he plays, (one of the) better athletes you’ll see if he plays in a corner. But the corner is right field because of the arm strength. He’s got a 60 arm (on the 20-80 scouting scale) with accuracy. He’s very aggressive with solid-to-plus ability to play the game."