Yankees Are Still Producing Players

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The Yankees’ farm system is justly given the lion’s share of the credit for the club’s championship run of the late-90s, when stars like Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada formed the core of four World Series winners. But with their second straight Division Series bouncing last season, the Yankees’ World Series “drought” stands at six years and counting.

Many cite a weakened farm system as the chief culprit for the lack of results, but a closer examination reveals this is not the case. Because while the quantity of players the Yankees have churned out since 2000 has been just average, the quality of such players has been better than all but five organizations. While much of that advantage is purely fiscal, with many of the club’s prospects arriving as finished international products (think Orlando Hernandez, Jose Contreras and Hideki Matsui), the Yankees also have developed Eric Milton, Mike Lowell, Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera, all of whom they cashed in for big league help. And were it not for Alfonso Soriano, Alex Rodriguez would not be in pinstripes.

Plenty of 40-man roster studies have detailed the raw number of players developed by each of the 30 organizations, but we wanted to look at it from a different angle. Specifically, we sought to find out just how successful the developed players have been, looking for quality and quantity. To do so, we quantified success in terms of playing time—plate appearances for hitters and innings pitched for pitchers—because a player has to display a level of competence to keep his job. After all, it’s easy to replace incompetence with less-experienced, and thus cheaper, incompetence.

Players on 40-man rosters as of mid-March were considered, with each credited to his signing organization. But there’s a twist: Only players signed since 1995 were considered, to better illustrate the teams’ recent player development acumen. For example, we didn’t think the Pirates should still be getting credit for nabbing Barry Bonds in the 1985 draft.

In order to combine the contributions of batters and pitchers, we credited a player with a "season" for each batting (502 PA) or ERA (162 IP) title he qualified for.

In case you’re wondering, the Blue Jays also came out on top when considering all 1,185 players on rosters, thanks largely to seven grizzled veterans signed in the 1980s: Jose Mesa, David Wells, Mike Timlin, Dave Weathers, Woody Williams, Carlos Delgado and Jeff Kent.

Total Player Seasons Produced By Organizations Since 1995
1Blue Jays422165.42124.189.5
4Phillies 311241.11932.874.0
8Diamondbacks 472224.22540.164.3
9Astros 361430.82232.263.0
10Marlins 291129.81831.060.8
11Cardinals 261641.81018.760.6
12Rangers 251032.81525.558.3
13Mariners 391936.82021.558.3
14Red Sox 371429.72326.255.9
16Pirates 401615.02432.147.2
17White Sox361818.31827.946.2
18Braves 402130.71915.045.7
19Indians 321727.41517.645.0
20Reds 20925.91117.743.6
22Devil Rays311628.51513.542.0
23Twins 341333.1218.942.0
24Padres 2598.71625.233.9
25Royals 271119.21614.633.9
26Giants 3483.12630.533.6
27Tigers 241215.01215.330.3
28Orioles 23714.61613.227.8
30Brewers 211117.6108.826.4

Clubs' Five Most Experienced Players Signed Since 1995
No.TeamFive Most Experienced Players Signed Since 1995
1Blue JaysRHP Roy Halladay, SS Michael Young, CF Vernon Wells, RF Jay Gibbons, SS Cesar Izturis
2AthleticsRHP Tim Hudson, 3B Eric Chavez, LHP Barry Zito, LHP Mark Mulder, SS Angel Berroa
3Rockies1B Todd Helton, CF Juan Pierre, RHP Jason Jennings, SS Juan Uribe, RHP Jake Westbrook
4Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins, LF Pat Burrell, LHP Randy Wolf, 2B Marlon Anderson, RHP Adam Eaton
5CubsRHP Jon Garland, RHP Kerry Wood, RHP Carlos Zambrano, RHP Kyle Lohse, CF Corey Patterson
6YankeesLHP Eric Milton, 3B Mike Lowell, 2B Alfonso Soriano, RHP Orlando Hernandez, 1B Nick Johnson
7Angels1B Darin Erstad, 3B Troy Glaus, LHP Jarrod Washburn, RHP Ramon Ortiz, RHP John Lackey
8Diamondbacks RHP Brad Penny, RHP Vicente Padilla, RHP Brandon Webb, RHP Byung-Hyun Kim, 1B Lyle Overbay
9Astros LF/1B Lance Berkman, SS Julio Lugo, RHP Roy Oswalt, LHP Johan Santana, RHP Wade Miller
10Marlins RHP Livan Hernandez, CF Mark Kotsay, CF Randy Winn, RHP Josh Beckett, LF Miguel Cabrera
11Cardinals RHP Matt Morris, 1B Albert Pujols, 2B Adam Kennedy, RF J.D. Drew, SS Jack Wilson
12Rangers RHP Ryan Dempster, LHP Doug Davis, 3B Hank Blalock, 1B Mark Teixeira, RHP Aaron Harang
13Mariners RF Jose Cruz, RF Ichiro Suzuki, C Jason Varitek, RHP Joel Pineiro, RHP Gil Meche
14Red Sox SS David Eckstein, 3B Shea Hillenbrand, RHP Tomo Ohka, LHP Mike Maroth, SS Adam Everett
15Expos/NationalsC Michael Barrett, LF Brad Wilkerson, CF Milton Bradley, C Brian Schneider, LHP Cliff Lee
16Pirates RHP Kris Benson, RHP Bronson Arroyo, RF Rob Mackowiak, 2B Jose Castillo, LHP Ricardo Rincon
17White SoxLHP Mark Buehrle, RHP Kip Wells, RHP Josh Fogg, 3B Joe Crede, CF Aaron Rowand
18Braves SS Rafael Furcal, 2B Marcus Giles, RHP Jason Marquis, 3B Mark DeRosa, LHP Horacio Ramirez
19Indians 1B Sean Casey, LHP C.C. Sabathia, C Victor Martinez, RHP Danys Baez, SS Jhonny Peralta
20Reds RHP Brett Tomko, LF Adam Dunn, C Jason LaRue, CF Brady Clark, RF Austin Kearns
21MetsRHP A.J. Burnett, 3B Ty Wigginton, SS Jose Reyes, CF Endy Chavez, RHP Jae Seo
22Devil Rays3B Aubrey Huff, LF Carl Crawford, LHP Joe Kennedy, C Toby Hall, CF Rocco Baldelli
23Twins LF Jacque Jones, 1B Doug Mientkiewicz, RF Bobby Kielty, RF Mike Cuddyer, 1B Justin Morneau
24Padres RHP Rodrigo Lopez, RHP Brian Lawrence, RHP Jake Peavy, LHP Oliver Perez, SS Khalil Greene
25Royals CF Carlos Beltran, 2B Mark Ellis, CF David DeJesus, LHP Jeremy Affeldt, LHP Jimmy Gobble
26Giants RHP Russ Ortiz, RHP Joe Nathan, LHP Noah Lowry, RHP Jerome Williams, RHP Scott Linebrink
27Tigers RHP Jeff Weaver, 3B Brandon Inge, 2B Omar Infante, SS Ramon Santiago, CF Curtis Granderson
28Orioles 2B Brian Roberts, OF David Dellucci, LHP Erik Bedard, RHP Daniel Cabrera, RHP Rick Bauer
29DodgersSS Alex Cora, RHP Eric Gagne, C David Ross, CF Shane Victorino, RHP Scott Proctor
30Brewers LF Geoff Jenkins, RHP Ben Sheets, SS Bill Hall, 2B Rickie Weeks, 1B Prince Fielder