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With four first-round and three supplemental first-round picks, the Orioles were the big spenders in this yearŐs draft. They spent $8.125 million in bonuses on those seven playersŃmore than most teams paid out on all their draft picks.

The Orioles spent $8.74 million in the first 10 rounds, though they had no picks from the second through fifth rounds. The Mets, without a first-round pick, spent $1.775 million in the first 10 rounds.

Listed below is the amount each organization spent on bonuses in the first 10 rounds, with the number of first-round and supplemental first-round picks in parentheses:

1.Baltimore (7)$8,740,000$1,795,000$45,000
2.San Diego (6)6,530,0001,415,0005,000
3.Tampa Bay (1)6,465,0003,960,00030,000
4.Kansas City (4)6,436,0002,100,0001,000
5.Chicago-AL (4)6,185,5001,750,00048,000
6.St. Louis (3)5,281,0001,410,00015,000
7.Detroit (1)5,210,0003,500,00050,000
8.Florida (1)5,188,5003,625,00010,000
9.Boston (3)4,581,0001,725,5003,000
10.Seattle (2)4,353,0002,100,0007,500
11.Pittsburgh (1)4,161,0002,250,00010,000
12.Arizona (2)4,107,0002,000,00050,000
13.Minnesota (1)4,077,0002,750,00070,000
14.Milwaukee (1)4,038,0002,450,00055,000
15.Montreal (1)3,702,0001,700,00035,000
16.San Francisco (2)3,662,5001,300,0007,500
17.Colorado (1)3,431,5001,675,00030,000
18.Texas (2)3,281,500862,50045,000
19.Atlanta (0)3,149,500900,00080,000
20.Philadelphia (1)2,871,5002,050,00038,000
21.Cincinnati (1)2,877,0001,750,0005,000
22.Oakland (1)2,769,5001,590,00010,000
23.Chicago-N (1)2,405,0001,062,50030,000
24.Toronto (1)2,402,000845,00027,500
25.Houston (1)2,300,000725,00030,000
26.Anaheim (0)2,172,500600,00065,000
27.Los Angeles (1)2,163,000800,00051,000
28.New York-A (1)2,124,0001,075,00010,000
29.Cleveland (0)2,051,000725,00020,000
30.New York-N (0)1,775,000725,00020,000

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