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2001 Draft Preview
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Position By Position Rankings
Allan Simpson provides an exclusive online breakdown of the top draft prospects by position
Top 100 Draft Prospects
Ranked in order of talent, here are the best 100 on the board
Draft And Follow Update
Complete list on draft day, including the top junior college prospects

Regional Breakdown
Hundreds of detailed prospect reports from around the world

Rating The Best Tools
Breaking down the college and high school prospects

1998 Draft: Where Are They Now?
Mark Prior and Josh Karp went unsigned in 1998 out of high school, but they weren’t the only ones

Talent Matters
Surprise, surprise... We expect the top five picks to be the best talent available

Mock First Round
Allan Simpson slots the first 30 picks of the draft

2001 Draft Order
Including compensation picks

Fifth-Year Senior Signing Update
UCLA’s Brian Baron and BYU’s Nate Fernley are among those who signed prior to the deadline

Top 10 Seniors
This year's draft crop boasts an unusually strong class of seniors

Ivy League Impact
Ben Crockett and Jon Steitz project as the best righthanders to come out of the Ivy League since Ron Darling

Kotchman Keeps Focus
Seminole HS first baseman Casey Kotchman grew up around clubhouses

Roscoe Crosby: Tough Choice
Two-sport star from South Carolina weighs his options

Something In The Water
Mark Teixeira and Gavin Floyd grew up together, now they will go in the top ten picks in the draft

Third Time Is a Charm
Tyrell Godwin has spurned first-round offers twice, will he sign at last?

The Right Pitch
Chris Smith left Florida State for an NAIA school and pushed his way into first-round consideration

Colt Griffin Lights Up Radar Guns
The hard-throwing high school righthander has the eyes of Texas--and major league scouts--upon him

Heilman's Bet Will Pay Off Big
Notre Dame righthander Aaron Heilman returned for a senior season and boosted his status

Harrington Debuts
The Rockies unsigned pick from 2000 made his heavily-anticipated pro debut

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