Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
2 55 Cleveland Indians LeVon Washington OF Fla. $1,200,000
Washington is one of the biggest enigmas of the last two drafts. Born in Guam to a military family, he entered 2009 as perhaps the fastest prep talent in the country and earned Johnny Damon comparisons for his hitting ability, speed and lack of arm strength. A shoulder injury left Washington with a 20 arm on the 20-80 scale, but the Rays looked past that and his Boras Corp. representation and drafted him 30th overall. Washington failed to sign; he also failed to qualify at Florida and wound up at Chipola JC. The Indians and Washington had disappointing seasons, and scouts still don't know quite what to make of him even after another year of evaluation. Athletic and quick, Washington hasn't shown the explosive speed he once did and doesn't run hard consistently. He also didn't run on fall scout day at Chipola, and some scouts now consider him more of an above-average runner than the top-of-the-scale grades he got in the fall of 2008. His arm has improved, to a 30 grade, but he did play the outfield and should be an average defender. Clubs that like Washington are buying the bat, however. Despite a spread-out stance in which he leans over the plate, he barrels up balls consistently, thanks to excellent hand-eye coordination and quick wrists. He's not a slap hitter and would likely have to change to a more conventional stance to hit for average power. Washington doesn't figure to go as high this year but still fits inside the first two rounds.
15 472 Los Angeles Dodgers Jake Eliopoulos LHP Fla.
Eliopoulos, a Canadian lefthander who was the Blue Jays' unsigned second-round pick last year, was at Chipola and never meshed with the coaching staff. He also never got going on the mound, walking 21 in 21 innings while posting an 8.44 ERA. He left the team in April and returned to Canada to pitch in an adult semi-pro league over the summer, but he clearly cost himself a shot at second-round money.
20 611 Tampa Bay Rays C.J. Riefenhauser LHP Fla.
23 713 Boston Red Sox Austin Wright LHP Fla.
25 753 Houston Astros Rodney Quintero RHP Fla. $150,000
Chipola's top arm is now Cuban defector Quintero, a freshman who is raw but has intriguing arm strength, touching the mid-90s with his fastball.
28 836 Washington Nationals Joey Rapp 1B Fla.
32 966 Toronto Blue Jays Andy Fermin 2B Fla.
47 1432 Los Angeles Dodgers Cody Martin 1B Fla.