Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player Position State Bonus
42 1268 Florida Marlins Jordan Poyer OF Ore.
The Northwest is full of athletic outfielders who also play football. Jake Locker aside, there's Kyrell Hudson in Vancouver, Wash., and then two more in Oregon. Astoria High outfielder Jordan Poyer, like Hudson, plans to play both baseball and football at Oregon State. He was a high school quarterback and is listed at cornerback on the Beavers' football roster. His father played college football, and his mother played college softball. At 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, he's a little taller than Hudson but isn't wound as tight. Poyer doesn't quite have Hudson's speed, strength or arm, but has more natural actions as a baseball player--he's a little leaner and looser. He has a buggy-whip swing, with some power. If he has good predraft workouts, he could end up as a single-digit pick.