Players signed indicated in Bold

Pick Overall Team Player Position School State Bonus
1 893 Tampa Bay Rays Ryan Turner RHP Midland (Texas) JC Texas
2 894 Pittsburgh Pirates Daniel Martin RHP Panola (Texas) JC Texas
3 895 Kansas City Royals Rick Dodridge LHP Ogemaw Heights HS, West Branch, Mich. Mich.
4 896 Baltimore Orioles Jeremy Dobbs LHP Daviess County HS, Owensboro, Ky. Ky.
5 897 San Francisco Giants Vladimir Frias SS Tennessee Wesleyan Tenn.
6 898 Florida Marlins Skyler Crawford RHP Hartnell (Calif.) JC Calif. $150,000
Crawford is smallish but is an excellent competitor who has three fringe-average to average pitches. He is committed to California.
7 899 Cincinnati Reds J.C. Sulbaran RHP American Heritage HS, Plantation, Fla. Fla. $500,000
Sulbaran pitches in the low 90s with a clean delivery and downhill plane. He has a durable frame and projects as a starter in the pros with three pitches (fastball, curveball, changeup) that could be average to above-average. Sulbaran is committed to Florida.
8 900 Chicago White Sox Kevin Asselin RHP Sonoma State (Calif.) Calif.
9 901 Washington Nationals Casey Whitmer RHP Texas Texas
10 902 Houston Astros Mike Diaz 2B Southern Connecticut State Conn.
11 903 Texas Rangers Justin King RHP Jacksonville State Ala.
12 904 Oakland Athletics Ryne Jernigan 2B South Alabama Ala.
13 905 St. Louis Cardinals Brett Bruening RHP Grayson County (Texas) JC Texas
Brett Bruening didn't contribute much in Grand Junction, getting just two outs in his lone start, but he's the Vikings' best prospect. He's 6-foot-6, 215 pounds and capable of reaching 95 mph with his fastball--rare territory for a lefthander. He's still struggling with his delivery and his command, but he's also in just his second year of pitching after missing two years in high school following elbow surgery.
14 906 Minnesota Twins Michael Tonkin RHP Palmdale (Calif.) HS Calif. $230,000
A fixture on the showcase circuit in Southern California, Tonkin is a 6-foot-6 righthander whose raw stuff and projectable frame has attracted the attention of scouts for several years. Delivered from a low three-quarters slot, Tonkin's fastball sits at 91-92 mph, peaking at 93-94. He gets strong sinking and darting armside movement on that pitch, but his four-seamer is straight to his glove side and to the middle of the plate, making it hittable for advanced batters. Tonkin's secondary pitches show promise, but need to be sharper and more consistent. His changeup exhibits sudden drop and armside movement, and when thrown properly his curveball shows tilt and nice sweeping break, but little depth. He too often rolls or hangs it, and more often than not it's a below-average pitch. A Southern California recruit, Tonkin excites scouts with his ideal build and terrific basic stuff. He'll need to clean up his mechanics and improve his secondary offerings, and if he does he could be a middle-of-the-rotation big league starter.
15 907 Los Angeles Dodgers Garett Green 2B San Diego State Calif.
16 908 Milwaukee Brewers Wayne Dedrick OF Hillcrest HS, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Ala. $100,000
17 909 Toronto Blue Jays Cody Dunbar RHP Texas Christian Texas
18 910 Atlanta Braves Chris Shehan OF Georgia Southern Ga.
Chris Shehan was the best hitter in the Southern Conference this season, batting .428 with 22 home runs for Georgia Southern. Shehan is strong and has plus bat speed with a chance to hit for power at the pro level. He is athletic with average speed and will likely play in the outfield.
19 911 Chicago Cubs Cole White RHP Paris (Texas) JC Texas
20 912 Seattle Mariners Brad Reid RHP Bellevue (Wash.) JC Wash.
Righthander Brad Reid has a solid-average fastball, and he is consistently firm. Reid, an Oregon State transfer, had been in the 90-92 mph range this spring and touched 93 after being in the 85-87 mph range last fall, and his changeup is an average pitch. He's being re-recruited by several four-year schools.
21 913 Detroit Tigers Tyler Weber C Wichita State Kan.
22 914 New York Mets Mike Lynn RHP College of Charleston S.C.
23 915 San Diego Padres Bobby Verbick OF Sam Houston State Texas
24 916 Philadelphia Phillies Dwayne Henderson SS Southeastern HS, Detroit Mich.
25 917 Colorado Rockies Carlos Luna RHP Oral Roberts Okla.
26 918 Arizona Diamondbacks Daniel Rodriguez OF Miami Dade JC Fla.
27 919 Los Angeles Angels Jayson Miller LHP Washington State Wash.
28 920 New York Yankees Ben McMahan C Bishop Moore HS, Orlando Fla.
The state of Florida has two prep catchers who stand out as impact draft prospects in Adrian Nieto (No. 73 in BA's predraft rankings) and McMahan. While Nieto is considered the better bat, McMahan is the superior receiver. McMahan made a push up draft boards last fall at the World Wood Bat championships when he led his team to a second-place finish. A Florida 4-A state champion in high school, McMahan knows how to win and is a natural leader on the field. He is athletic behind the plate and has a solid, durable frame. Known as a quiet receiver, he has a strong arm and improving catch and throw mechanics. Projected as a defense-first catcher, McMahan may also provide surprising offense. He has occasional power and above-average speed for a catcher with a chance to be an average hitter. If he's not selected early, signability may cause him to slip a long way because he's committed to Florida and is a strong student.
29 921 Cleveland Indians Jeff Walters RHP St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC Fla.
Righthander Jeff Walters has arm strength and command issues. His fastball velocity has been inconsistent, sitting typically in the upper 80s but touching as high as 93 mph. He also throws a sinker that creates either swings and misses or ground balls when he commands it. Walters' other two pitches, a slider and changeup, are average at best. Used as a starter and a reliever, Walters has seen the most success in the closer role. He doesn't fit that profile at the pro level, but with improved command could be a middle reliever. Walters is committed to Georgia.
30 922 Boston Red Sox Alex Hale RHP Richmond Va.