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Following are the top three rounds from this year's first-year draft and the signing bonuses for those players who had signed by August 23. The adviser for each player is indicated:

# indicates player signed a major league contract

OrderPlayer, Pos.BonusAdviser
1.Twins. Joe Mauer, c$5,150,000Ron Shapiro
2.Cubs. Mark Prior, rhp$4,000,000#John Boggs
3.Devil Rays. Dewon Brazelton, rhp$4,200,000#Bo McKinnis
4.Phillies. Gavin Floyd, rhp$4,200,000Ron Shapiro
5.Rangers. Mark Teixeira, 3b$4,500,000#Scott Boras
6.Expos. Josh Karp, rhp$2,650,000Michael Moye
7.Orioles. Chris Smith, lhp$2,175,000Barry Meister
8.Pirates. John VanBenschoten, rhp$2,400,000Joe Bick
9.Royals. Colt Griffin, rhp$2,400,000Jeff Moorad/Brian Peters
10.Astros. Chris Burke, ss$2,125,000Barry Meister
11.Tigers. *Kenny Baugh, rhp$1,800,000SFX-Hendricks
12.Brewers. Mike Jones, rhp$2,075,000Matt Brown
13.Angels. Casey Kotchman, 1b$2,075,000None
14.Padres. Jake Gautreau, 3b$1,875,000Jeff Moorad/Brian Peters
15.Blue Jays. Gabe Gross, of$1,865,000Michael Moye
16.White Sox. Kris Honel, rhp$1,500,000SFX-Rooney
17.Indians. Dan Denham, rhp$1,860,000Reich Katz & Landis
18.Mets. *Aaron Heilman, rhp$1,508,705Mark Rodgers
19.Orioles. Mike Fontenot, 2b$1,300,000IMG
20.Reds. Jeremy Sowers, lhpDid Not SignIMG
21.Giants. Brad Hennessey, rhp$1,380,000Joe Bick
22.Diamondbacks. *Jason Bulger, rhp$950,000Octagon
23.Yankees. John-Ford Griffin, of$1,200,000SFX-Hendricks
24.Braves. Macay McBride, lhp$1,340,000B.B. Abbott
25.Athletics. Bobby Crosby, ss$1,350,000Paul Cohen
26.Athletics. Jeremy Bonderman, rhp$1,350,000Jeff Moorad
27.Indians. Alan Horne, rhpDid Not SignIMG
28.Cardinals. Justin Pope, rhp$900,000Jim Munsey
29.Braves. Josh Burrus, ss$1,250,000Career Sports
30.Giants. Noah Lowry, lhp$1,175,000Jim McDowell

31.Orioles. Bryan Bass, ss$1,150,000None
32.Tigers. Michael Woods, 2b$1,100,000Larry Reynolds
33.Angels. Jeff Mathis, c$850,000B.B. Abbott
34.Yankees. Bronson Sardinha, ss$1,000,000None
35.Indians. J.D. Martin, rhp$975,000Steve Canter
36.Mariners. Michael Garciaparra, ss$2,000,000SFX-Tellum
37.Athletics. *John Rheinecker, lhp$600,000None
38.Mets. David Wright, 3b$960,000ACES
39.White Sox. Wyatt Allen, rhp$872,500Barry Meister
40.Braves. Richard Lewis, 2b$850,000Career Sports
41.Giants. Todd Linden, of$750,000None
42.Yankees. *Jon Skaggs, rhp$600,000Billy Martin Jr. and Dave Pepe
43.Indians. Mike Conroy, of$870,000Octagon
44.Rockies. Jayson Nix, ss$925,000Don Mitchell

45.Twins. Scott Tyler, rhp$875,000Larry Reynolds
46.Cubs. Andy Sisco, lhp$1,000,000Reich Katz & Landis
47.Devil Rays. Jon Switzer, lhp$850,000Jeff Moorad
48.Red Sox. Kelly Shoppach, c$737,500Reich Katz & Landis
49.Mariners. Rene Rivera, c$688,000CSMG
50.Expos. Donald Levinski, rhp$825,000Billy Martin Jr.
51.Indians. Jake Dittler, rhp$750,000Tommy Tanzer
52.Braves. J.P. Howell, lhpDid Not SignNone
53.Royals. Roscoe Crosby, of$1,750,000Jeff Moorad
54.Astros. Mike Rodriguez, of$675,000None
55.Tigers. Preston Larrison, rhp$685,000Michael Moye
56.Brewers. J.J. Hardy, ss$735,000Don Mitchell
57.Angels. Dallas McPherson, 3b$660,000CSMG
58.Padres. Matt Harrington, rhpUnsignedTommy Tanzer
59.Blue Jays. Brandon League, rhp$660,000Beverly Hills SC
60.Marlins. Garrett Berger, rhp$795,000David Taylor
61.Red Sox. Matt Chico, lhpDid Not SignSFX-Tellum
62.Yankees. Shelley Duncan, of$655,000Barry Meister
63.Yankees. *Jason Arnold, rhp$400,000Riverfront Sports Mgmt.
64.Reds. Justin Gillman, rhp$625,000David Meter
65.Tigers. Matt Coenen, lhp$620,000ACES
66.Diamondbacks. Mike Gosling, lhp$2,000,000Scott Boras
67.Mariners. Michael Wilson, of$900,000Jim Turner
68.Dodgers. Brian Pilkington, rhp$600,000Don Mitchell
69.Athletics. Neal Cotts, lhp$525,000Joe Bick
70.Mets. Alhaji Turay, of$517,000Reich Katz & Landis
71.White Sox. Ryan Wing, lhp$575,000Don Mitchell
72.Cardinals. Dan Haren, rhp$530,000Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
73.Braves. Cole Barthel, 3b$475,000None
74.Giants. Jesse Foppert, rhp$520,000Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe

75.Rockies. Trey Taylor, lhpDid Not SignMatt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
76.Mets. Corey Ragsdale, ss$550,000Derek Braunecker

77.Twins. Jose Morales, ss$490,000CSMG
78.Cubs. Ryan Theriot, ss$480,000Jeff Moorad/Brian Peters
79.Devil Rays. Chris Flinn, rhp$466,000ProGame Sports/Baratta/DelGrosso
80.Mariners. Lazaro Abreu, c$400,000None
81.Angels. Steven Shell, rhp$460,000Steve Canter
82.Expos. Mike Hinckley, lhp$425,000Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
83.Orioles. Dave Crouthers, rhp$425,000Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
84.Pirates. Jeremy Guthrie, rhpUnsignedScott Boras
85.Royals. Matt Ferrara, 3b$450,000None
86.Astros. *Kirk Saarloos, rhp$300,000Don Mitchell
87.Tigers. Jack Hannahan, 3b$435,000David Taylor
88.Brewers. Jon Steitz, rhp$460,000Octagon
89.Angels. Jake Woods, lhp$442,500Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
90.Padres. *Taggert Bozied, 3bUnsigned-Played in Northern LeagueScott Boras
91.Blue Jays. *Tyrell Godwin, of$480,000Jeff Moorad
92.Marlins. Allen Baxter, rhp$450,000Joe Kohm
93.Red Sox. Jon DeVries, c$450,000Reich Katz & Landis
94.Rockies. Jason Frome, of$420,000Steve Pierce
95.Yankees. Chase Wright, lhp$400,000None
96.Reds. Alan Moye, of$400,000Jeff Moorad/Brian Peters
97.Indians. Nick Moran, rhp$400,000Len Strelitz
98.Diamondbacks. Scott Hairston, 2b$400,000None
99.Mariners. Tim Merritt, ss$400,000Steve Hammond
100.Dodgers. David Taylor, rhp$385,000None
101.Athletics. J.T. Stotts, ss$390,000Don Mitchell
102.Mets. Len DiNardo, lhp$380,000IMG
103.White Sox. Jonathan Zeringue, cDid Not SignLarry Reynolds
104.Cardinals. Joe Mather, ss$375,000Bill Moore
105.Braves. Adam Stern, of$348,000Matt Sosnick/Paul Cobbe
106.Giants. Julian Benavidez, 3b$325,000None

*College senior

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