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2000 Draft Bonus Information

Here's a list of bonuses paid to players drafted in the first two rounds of this year's draft.

1.Marlins. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b$3,000,000
2.Twins. Adam Johnson, rhp2,500,000
3.Cubs. Luis Montanez, ss2,750,000
4.Royals. Mike Stodolka, lhp2,500,000
5.Expos. Justin Wayne, rhp (e)2,950,000
6.Devil Rays. Rocco Baldelli, of2,250,000
7.Rockies. Matt Harrington, rhp (c)Unsigned
8.Tigers. Matt Wheatland, rhp (c)2,150,000
9.Padres. Mark Phillips, lhp2,200,000
10.Angels. Joe Torres, lhp2,080,000
11.Brewers. Dave Krynzel, of (c)1,950,000
12.White Sox. Joe Borchard, of5,300,000
13.Cardinals. Shaun Boyd, of (e)1,750,000
14.Orioles. Beau Hale, rhp (b)2,250,000
15.Phillies. Chase Utley, 2b (e)1,780,000
16.Mets. Billy Traber, lhp400,000
17.Dodgers. Ben Diggins, rhp (b)2,200,000
18.Blue Jays. Miguel Negron, of950,000
19.Pirates. Sean Burnett, lhp1,650,000
20.Angels. Chris Bootcheck, rhp (a)1,800,000
21.Giants. Boof Bonser, rhp1,245,000
22.Red Sox. Phil Dumatrait, lhp (d)1,275,000
23.Reds. David Espinosa, ss (a)None
24.Cardinals. Blake Williams, rhp (e)1,375,000
25.Rangers. Scott Heard, c (c)1,475,000
26.Indians. Corey Smith, ss (e)1,375,000
27.Astros. Robert Stiehl, rhp (c)1,250,000
28.Yankees. David Parrish, c1,425,000
29.Braves. Adam Wainwright, rhp1,250,000
30.Braves. Scott Thorman, rhp (e)1,225,000
31.Twins. Aaron Heilman, rhpDid not sign
32.Orioles. Tripper Johnson, 3b (d)1,050,000
33.Blue Jays. Dustin McGowan, rhp950,000
34.Reds. Dustin Moseley, rhpUnsigned
35.Rangers. Tyrell Godwin, of (b)Did not sign
36.Mets. Bob Keppel, rhp (d)895,000
37.Indians. Derek Thompson, lhp850,000
38.Braves. Kelly Johnson, ss790,000
39.Rangers. Chad Hawkins, rhp625,000
40.Braves. Aaron Herr, ss850,000
41.Marlins. Jason Stokes, 1b2,027,000
42.Twins. Taggert Bozied, 1b (a)Did not sign
43.Cubs. Bobby Hill, ss (a)Unsigned
44.Royals. Mike Tonis, c (c)800,000
45.Blue Jays. Peter Bauer, rhp800,000
46.Reds. Dane Sardinha, c (a)None
47.Rockies. Jason Young, rhp (a)2,750,000
48.Tigers. Chad Petty, lhp600,000
49.Padres. Xavier Nady, 3b (a)1,100,000
50.Angels. Jared Abruzzo, c687,500
51.Braves. Kenny Nelson, rhp675,000
52.White Sox. Tim Hummel, ss (e)645,000
53.Cardinals. Chris Narveson, lhp675,000
54.Twins. J.D. Durbin, rhp722,500
55.Indians. Brian Tallet, lhp595,000
56.Rangers. Jason Bourgeois, ss621,000
57.Dodgers. Joel Hanrahan, rhp615,000
58.Blue Jays. Dominic Rich, 2b600,000
59.Pirates. David Beigh, rhp635,000
60.Athletics. Freddie Bynum, ss495,000
61.Giants. Lance Niekro, 3b (b)655,000
62.Red Sox. Manny Delcarmen, rhp700,000
63.Reds. Ryan Snare, lhp595,000
64.Rangers. Randy Truselo, rhp600,000
65.Mets. Matt Peterson, rhp575,000
66.Indians. Mark Folsom, of (e)700,000
67.Astros. Chad Qualls, rhp410,000
68.Yankees. Danny Borrell, lhp600,000
69.Diamondbacks. Mike Schultz, rhp500,000
70.Braves. Bryan Digby, rhp450,000

a. Represented by Scott Boras Corporation
b. Represented by International Management Group
c. Represented by Tanzer Sports Consultants
d. Represented by Sosnick/Cobbe Sports
e. Represented by SFX

NOTE: The bonus amounts do not include college scholarships, incentive bonus plans or salaries from a major league contract.

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