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Minor League Parks Drive Performance

Matt Eddy -

Isotopes Park in Albuquerque will use a humidor this season in an effort to become less hitter-friendly. Even if they succeed in scaling back offense, the park still will play differently than parks at lower elevations and with thicker, more humid air. That diversity of ballpark context adds a layer of fascination to the minor leagues.

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Minor League Imports With Upside, Western Divisions

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Major league organizations collectively sign hundreds of players to minor league deals each offseason, and occasionally teams find big league contributors. In this piece we focus on baseball's 10 Western Division clubs (including the Astros as we anticipate their move to the AL West in 2013), seeking to find those minor league imports who might have untapped upside.

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Here Are 10 Ways To Improve Minor League Baseball

Few people care more about minor league baseball than editorial staff here at Baseball America. We are passionate about the players on the field, the ballparks and the people behind the scenes who make it happen. With all of this interest comes a lot of talk in our offices about—yes, you guessed it—baseball. And invariably, the conversation sometimes strays into ways we think the game could improve. Though minor league baseball may never have been more popular than it is now, we think there is room to make things even better. So in that spirit, we offer 10 ways to improve the minor leagues:

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Prospects To Pennants: The Royals Follow Other Team’s Footsteps

J.J. Cooper -

The Kansas City Royals have built one of the best farm systems in years, one that placed five prospects in the overall Top 20 for the first time in the 22-year history of the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects list. Now the hard work begins. Building a top-notch farm system is tough work. But turning a group of prospects into winners at the big league level? Well that's why being a general manager is never a low-stress job.

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Extra Quotes For Prospects To Pennants

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In reporting the Prospects to Pennants package, I ended up with a lot more insights from front office executives than I could fit into the two main stories. So consider this similar to the extended cut on a DVD. Here are some more insights into how successful farm systems turn into big league clubs, as well as explanations from Royals officials about how they see the next several years shaping up.

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Fuller Still Seeks A Turnaround

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

Nick Fuller, the other player involved in the thefts with Lonnie Chisenhall, was a third-round pick of the Rays coming out of Kell High in suburban Atlanta in 2006. He turned down roughly $450,000 to play at South Carolina. Until the arrest, Fuller's career seemed to be going exactly as planned. He hadn't allowed a hit or run in his six appearances with the Gamecocks. But since then, his career has headed in the wrong direction.

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Lonnie Chisenhall Has Put A Past Mistake Behind Him

John Manuel -Premium Content

Ray Tanner keeps the letter in his daily planner, a constant reminder of a low moment that became a revelation, as he leads South Carolina's baseball program. It's the letter Lonnie Chisenhall, then regarded as the nation's top freshman and the Gamecocks' No. 3 hitter, wrote him about a month after Chisenhall was dismissed from the baseball team.

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Building A Winner

Josh Leventhal -Premium Content

Kurt Landes can't wait to see the IronPigs hit a home run. The general manager of the International League's newest franchise, which makes its home debut on April 11 in Lehigh Valley, was not so anxious about the Phillies' Triple-A affiliate putting runs on the board, but rather how the scoreboard will respond to the team scoring runs. One of the many over-the-top amenities at Coca-Cola Park is a nine-story tall scoreboard in left-center field with a giant neon Coke bottle hanging from its top.

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