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Prospect Hot Sheet: June 4

In an ideal world, we'd spread the Prospect Hot Sheet love around to every team. But this isn't pee wee soccer. Sometimes life just isn't fair. So don't complain if this week's list seems overrun with Rays and Braves prospects.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: May 21

Pedigree matters when it comes to the Prospect Hot Sheet. So when we have a week like this one, where some of the brightest stars all have great weeks, it makes for an easy selection process. Stephen Strasburg is already a household name, and Carlos Santana, Mike Minor and Mike Moustakas may one day join his company.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: May 14

We won't get many chances to honor Stephen Strasburg on the Prospect Hot Sheet. Last year's No. 1 overall pick is expected to be pitching in Washington by June, but thankfully his Triple-A stay with Syracuse gives us one last glimpse of him as a minor leaguer.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: April 23

Nobody has been able to stop Jordan Lyles since he turned pro with the Astros in 2008. Throw in a redemptive start by the Dodgers' Andrew Lambo and the usual smattering of teenagers, and you've got the makings of another fine Prospect Hot Sheet.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: April 16

The sun's out, baseball's back and the temperatures over much of the country have started to edge up towards the 70s. But if you're looking for a sure sign that spring is here, here it is—the first Prospect Hot Sheet of the season.

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Prospect Hot Sheet: Sept. 11

It's over. After 19 regular season Prospect Hot Sheets, it's time to wrap up another season. We picked 20 prospects who we felt stood out from the crowd this season. It was extremely hard to narrow this list down to 20—in fact, we could have written 40 prospects up just as easily. As we did during the season, this list is a combination of prospect status and performance.

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