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Rangers’ Buckel Follows In Bauer’s Footsteps

Jim Shonerd -Premium Content

If watching Cody Buckel on the mound for the first time brings a sense of deja vu, that may not be a coincidence. Diamondbacks top prospect and former UCLA star righthander Trevor Bauer became well known during his college career for his unconventional approach to pitching. But years before Bauer got to UCLA, he found a kindred spirit in Buckel.

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Hembree Powers Way Toward San Francisco

Marek Warszawski -Premium Content

In some ways, it's easy to picture Heath Hembree closing games for the San Francisco Giants. Hembree possesses the requisite mid-90s fastball with explosive, late movement. He's got the vanishing slider. On the mound he looks calm and composed. In other ways, though, the image of Hembree as Giants closer doesn't quite fit.

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Game Report: Gerrit Cole’s Pro Debut

Jim Shonerd -Premium Content

Like any player would, Gerrit Cole felt some butterflies before his first start of the season Monday night for high Class A Bradenton. Then again, other players don't face the pressure of having been a No. 1 overall pick whose franchise committed to an $8 million bonus to sign him.

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Clubs Use Instructs As Lab

Conor Glassey -Premium Content

When the minor league season ends, the tinkering begins. Major league organizations use instructional league as a laboratory to get players to try new roles, pitchers to try new pitches and to give coaches more time to work individually with players.

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