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New CBA Hides Gems Among Its Details

Will Lingo -Premium Content

While the details of baseball's documents aren't salacious, they can illuminating. For example, I remember finding the provision in the Professional Baseball Agreement (the contract between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball) that provided the framework for the Futures Game. Exciting stuff! There are plenty of gems in the new CBA as well.<br/>

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Why all the furor about Shohei Otani? What must a club do to get compensation for the loss of a free agent? What are Matt Adams' chances of cracking the Cardinals lineup?

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2012 International League Top 20 Prospects

John Manuel -

Our International League prospect lists usually are filled with impact talent. Arms such as Homer Bailey, Matt Garza, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore and Jon Niese have come through the Triple-A circuit in recent years. Buffalo's Matt Harvey certainly fits in with that group. He ranked as the league's No. 1 prospect after honing his strikeout stuff against IL before making a smashing big league debut in August and September. But quality arms were few and far between in the league this year.

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