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Bromberg Gets Down To Details

Dave Perkin -

Over lunch at a Southern California deli, BA's Dave Perkin sat down with Twins prospect David Bromberg, the newly minted minor league strikeouts leader, and his father Mike to talk pitching drills, life in the minor leagues and Bromberg's home run prowess.

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Midwest League Top 20 Prospects

Jim Callis -

Early on, 2008 looked like it would be a year that Mike Moustakas and the Burlington Bees would rather forget. Moustakas opened the season at shortstop, which wasn't a good fit. While his defensive struggles weren't a surprise, his offensive woes were a shock. But by the end of the year, Moustakas was the Midwest League's No. 1 prospect

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Do the Rangers have the best farm system in baseball? Would teams consider tanking to protect their first-round pick from free-agent compensation? Is Diamondbacks lefty Clay Zavada a legitimate prospect?

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