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Always Innovating

Will Lingo -Premium Content

You'd be hard-pressed to find an industry that's any better at innovating than minor league baseball. While major league franchises sometimes seem burdened by their history and tradition, minor league franchises show no hesitation to reinvent themselves when necessary.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Will the White Sox keep Gordon Beckham at shortstop? Who might the Royals take with the No. 12 pick in the 2009 draft? Do teams have to negotiate in good faith to get compensation for unsigned draft picks?

Minors | #2008#Ask BA

Go West Young Man

Stacy Kaneshiro -

Before he faced the North Shore Honu on the field, Waikiki BeachBoys infielder Todd Frazier got up close and personal with a real honu, or a Hawaiian sea turtle. During one of Hawaii Winter Baseball's off days, Frazier and a couple of teammates went to Hanauma Bay, a popular tourist attraction on Oahu. At this nature preserve, marine life is not threatened by people who wish to swim with the fish.<br/>

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Independent Leagues Player Of The Year

J.J. Cooper -

Two years ago, Patrick Breen thought he was just one good season away from the big leagues. A year later, he was released. But you won't find Breen moping or complaining about being cut loose. Breen may be the only independent leagues player who's actually happy he was in an independent league this year.<br/>

Minors | #2008#Independent Audit

Ask BA

Jim Callis -

What's the draft order for 2009? What would a combined Olympic/college/junior USA Baseball prospect ranking look like? Is there still hope for Astros catcher J.R. Towles?

Minors | #2008#Ask BA

It’s Never Too Early . . .

Jim Callis -Premium Content

The vast majority of baseball fans may be getting geeked up over the playoffs, but at Baseball America, we always keep one eye on the draft, even if it's eight months away. A lot can change between now and June, but that can't deter us from offering our first mock 2009 draft.

Minors | #2008#Column

Blazing A Trail

Kary Booher -Premium Content

Before the curtain rose on this season, before he would be handed an airline ticket and sent off into his first full year in pro ball, Derek Holland milled about within the Rangers' minor league spring training camp and figured he was just another hopeful.

Minors | #2008#Prospect Pulse