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Arizona Diamondbacks
Released LHPs Vincent Davis, Todd Stein, Felix Heredia and Reuben Kerbs, RHPs Sergio Lizarraga, Sam Smith, Justin Wechsler, Chad Scarbery and Alex Cremidan, Cs Michael Biguenet, Mike DiRosa and Allen Mottram, 2Bs Eric Schindewolf and Ramon Downing, IF Neb Brown, 3B Edgar Varela andOFs Lino Garcia, Jaen Centeno and Jay Garthwaite. Traded RHP Chris Thompson to Nationals for future considerations or a player to be named.

Atlanta Braves
Released LHPs Drew Jackson and Trae Wiggins, 3B Ben Thomas, C Juan Mota, SSs Terrance Brown and Dean White and RHPs Ben Grezlovski, Jason Paul, Nate Pudewell and Jonathan Tejada. Loaned OF Ivan Terrazas to Moncola (Mexican League).

Baltimore Orioles

Signed SS Rayner Bautista and IFs Daniel Cruz, Pete Maestrales and Ed Wilson. Released 2B Desi Relaford, RHPs Jim Brower, Winer Mendez and Jason Phillips and OF Drew Moffitt. Placed RHP Russ Brocato on voluntarily retired list.

Boston Red Sox

Released Cs Patrick Perry and Javier Cardona, RHPs Cam Reimers, Jarrett Gardner, Travis Rios, Kyle Tabeek, Ken Towery and Eugenio Flores, OFs Bo Flowers, Justin Sherrod, Archie Gilbert, and Jimmy Hurst, LHPs Brian Marshall, Robert Jordan and Roger Lincoln, 3B Bret LeVier, 2B Carl Lipsey, SS Raul Nieves, IF Pat Magness and 1Bs Jesse Easley and Jeff Ontiveros.

Chicago Cubs

Released Cs Dennis Anderson and Jon Mark Sprowl, 1B Nick Crouch, OF Matt Padgett, 3B Jason Thrower, LHPs Ryan Chambers, Jon Connolly and Russ Rohlicek and RHPs Matt Skrmetta, Mark DiFelice, John Ennis, Geivy Garcia, Jason Wylie, Brian Boehringer, Drew Dickson, Will Fenton and David Lee. Traded OF Dwaine Bacon to Angels for future considerations. TradedRHP Todd Wellemeyer to Marlins for RHP Lincoln Holdzkom and LHP Zach McCormack. Traded SS Jonathan Johnson to Phillies for future considerations.

Chicago White Sox

Signed LHPs Arnie Munoz and Paulino Reynoso and 1B Casey Rogowski. Released SS Rolando Acosta, 1B Travis Hinton, OFs Normand Martel and Mike Spidale. Placed RHP Nick Lemon on voluntarily retired list.

Cincinnati Reds

Signed OFs Terrence Long and Alex Sanchez. Released RHPs Brad Cherry, Travis Phelps, Aaron Garrison, Ken Geiersbach, Brad Morenko, Jared Sanders, Robert Wachman, Jeff Bruksch and Johnny Dillard, OFs Stephen Smitherman and Matt Garrett, LHPs Charles O’Neal, Thomas Phelps, Greg Goetz, Tod Johnson, Brandon Newman, 1B Walter Olmstead, Cs Evan Cherry, Mark Rodriguez and Robert Coello and 2B Mayker Sandoval. Traded 2B Carlos Piste to Marlins for C Ryan Jorgensen.

Cleveland Indians

Signed LHP Chad Bailey. Released 1B Steve Jackson, RHPs Gerson Mercedes, Jacob Brooks, Hugo Castellanos, Kieran Mattison, Todd Pennington, Brandon Rickert, Adrian Schau, Martin Vargas and Jason Young, 2B Chris Clem, LHPs Robert Douglas and Paul Lubrano, SS Anthony Lunetta, OFs Randall Longworth and J.J. Sherrill and C Michael Woodson. Placed RHP Matt Knox on voluntarily retired list.

Colorado Rockies

Signed RHP Jason Hanna and LHP Randall Williams. Released 2B Jesus Garcia, OFs Anthony Sanders, Trevor Allen and Ernie Young, Cs Derek Barrows and Brian Kirby, LHPs Aaron Marsden, Derrin Ebert and Jason Metzger and RHPs Keiichi Yabu, Caleb Balbuena, Jason DiAngelo, Ian Ferguson, Matt Hammons, Ross Hipke, Efren Lira, Cruz Molina, Fernando Rijo, Patrick Stanley and Lindsay Webb.

Detroit Tigers

Released RHPs John Birtwell, Tim Crabtree, Adam Peterson and Kevin Hodge, 1B Chris Colabello and Josh Lee, SS Brooks Colvin, OFs Luis Sabino, Reggie Taylor, Michael Woods, Jason de la Cruz, Matt Parrish and Leonardo Grullon, 3B Brian Rios, LHP Felix Sanchez, Cs Greg Stevens and Chris Torres and 2B Stephen Young.

Florida Marlins

Signed SS Jamie Athas and LHP Renyel Pinto. Released IFs Blake Adkison and Heriberto Solis, 2B Jon Aughey, LHPs Justin Mattison and Andy Van Hekken, OF Blair Irvin, SS Chris Bass, Cs Charlie Lisk, Luis Gonzalez, Robert Grana and Jefferson Infante and RHPs Brandon Brantley, Jonathan Lewis, Derek Tillman, Andy Torres and Kenn Berkenbosch. Traded RHP Lincoln Holdzkom and LHP Zach McCormack to Cubs for RHP Todd Wellemeyer. Traded C Ryan Jorgensen to Reds for 2B Carlos Piste. Placed 3B Cole Seifrig on voluntarily retired list.

Houston Astros

Signed RHP Roberto Giron. Released 2B Clint McGill, 3B Patrick Peavey, Cs Robert Clark and Bryan Mulhern, IFs Esteban Gonzalez and Saul Torres, RHPs Peter Bauer, Casey Brown, Jon Davis, Daniel Freeman, Kevin Hodges, Fontella Jones, Adam Knobel, Troy Mattes, Jamie Merchant, Wilton Noel, Anthony Pluta and Steve Sparks, OFs James Cooper, Brandon Barganier and Michael Floyd and SSs Bryan Triplett and Tommy Whiteman. Acquired IF Joe McEwing from Royals for a player to be named.

Kansas City Royals

Signed OFs Juan Senreiso and Carlos Arroyo and RHP Cody Smith. Released 2B Darren Fenster, SS Benji Gil, LHP Nick Touchstone, OFs Cody Cure, Darwinson Salazar and Kenard Springer, C Felipe Del Rosario, RHPs George Wilkerson, Nelson Trifolio and Cesar Herrera, 1B Chris Richard and IF Justin Schuda. Traded IF Joe McEwing to Astros for a player to be named. Placed RHP C John Draper and William Dossett on voluntarily retired list. Traded SS Wilson Valdez to Dodgers for RHP Jarod Plummer.

Los Angeles Angels

Released OFs Blake Balkcom, Richard Giannotti and Jason Sugden, 2B William Boyer, RHPs Aaron MacKenzie, Doug Johnson, Casey Mutter, Mark O’Sullivan, Travis Stanton and Mike Ziegler, C Corey Myers, 1B Colby Overstreet and LHP Anthony Whittington. Acquired OF Dwaine Bacon from Cubs for a player to be named. Acquired RHP Marcus Gwyn from Athletics for cash.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Released C Jeff Parrish, LHP Chad Bailey, RHPs Stephen Nelson, Alvin Hayes, Matt Meadows, Aaron Klusman and Richard Bartlett and OF Henri Stanley. Traded RHP Jarod Plummer to Royals for SS Wilson Valdez.

Milwaukee Brewers

Signed RHPs Noel DeLeon and Allan Simpson. Released C John Blevins, Chris Curry, Josh Johnson and Bryan Opdyke, RHPs Ken Durost, Bill Labasta and Eric Thomas, IF Osvaldo Vicioso, SS Corey Hart, 2B William Lewis, 1B Luis Lopez, OF Colin Porter and Jason Romano and LHPs Clayton Andrews, Ryan Costello, Josh Habel and Wilfredo Rodriguez. Acquired RHP Matt Yeatman from Twins for cash or a player to be named. Placed LHP Shane Nance on voluntarily retired list. Acquired 1B Greg Sain from Padres for cash or a player to be named. Placed RHPs Glenn Woolard and Glenn Breshears and C James Kent on restricted list.

Minnesota Twins

Released 1B Dustin Bensko, SS Angelo Fermin, LHPs Jan Granado, Josh Gray, Darrell May and Gabe White, RHPs James Abbott and Daylan Childress, OFs Mitch Zamojc, Landon Burt, James Tomlin and Tim Raines Jr., and IFs Don Mauer and Paul Rutgers. Traded RHP Matt Yeatman to Brewers for a player to be named or cash. Placed C Bryan Kennedy on voluntarily retired list. Returned Rule 5 selection OF Jason Pridie to the Devil Rays.

New York Mets

Signed LHP Willie Collazo, OFs Lynn Henry and Jorge Padilla and RHP Mitch Wylie. Released 1B Jim Burt, RHPs Ryan Dittfurth, Jared Eichelberger, Ruben Guillon, David Manning, Robert McIntyre, Julio Mendez, Randy Molina and Felix Villegas, LHP Joe Williams, C Jeff Timmons and OFs Tike Redman and Cory Wells.

New York Yankees

Released LHPs Jesse Bahr and Jeremy Harts, 1Bs Luis A. Garcia and Felipe Garcia, RHP Ivan Hernandez and OF Jose Perez. Acquired C Keith McDonald from Rangers for a player to be named.

Oakland Athletics

Released C Ty Bubalo, 1B Eddie Kim, LHPs Andy Dickinson and Chris Smith and OF Chalon Tietje. Traded OF Marcus Gwyn to Angels for cash.

Philadelphia Phillies

Released 2B Greg Isaacson, OFs Jordan Szabo, Victor Moni-Erigbali, B.J. Littleton, Jeff Inglin and Chris Klemm, Cs Michael Lombardi, Jose Cortez and Derek Brant, 1B Matt Edwards, SS Mitchell Graham and Leslie Bramasco, 3Bs Antoin Gray and Ryan Barthelemy, RHPs C.J. Woodrow, Clayton Stewart, Aaron Myette, Peter Henyan, Chris Woodrow, Juan Alvarez, Erick Arteaga and Clay Carlsen, and LHPs Kevin Shepard, Ben King, Tom Cochran and Matt Squires. Traded RHP Aquilino Lopez to Padres for 3B Trey Johnston and OF Matt Thayer. Acquired LHP Luke Lockwood from Mariners.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Released SS Michael Cockrell and Anthony Stevens, RHPs Melqui Torres, Marcus Davila and Kevin Miller, LHP Rob Henkel and Derrick Van Dusen, 2B Jermel Lomack, OFs Nick Theodorou and Antonio Westfield.

St. Louis Cardinals

Signed SS Ryan Dorsey and C Michel Hernandez. Released IF Vince Harrison, OFs Rodney Medina and Carlos de la Cruz, RHPs Jeff Nelson, Talley Haines, Ryan Dixon, Quinton Robertson, Justin Brown, Kevin Fitzgerald, Luther Hackman, Gary Hogan, Blaine Neal, Shane Reedy and Jaymes Torres, 1B Jesse Hoorelbeke, 2B Jose Delgado, SSs Milko Jaramillo and David Berg, LHPs Josh Schwartz, Thomas Blair, Chris Noonan, Carlos Artiles and Michael Meagher and 1Bs Geoff Desmond, Andy Schutzenhofer and Jon Skorupski. Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Juan Mateo to Cubs.

San Diego Padres

Signed C Pete Laforest, 1B Walter Young, SS Bobby Hill and RHPs Brian Sikorski and Bubba Nelson. Released SSs Clinton Cleland and William Richardson, IF Peter Maestrales, OFs Yasmil Urbina, Darrell Walters, Brian Cavanaugh and Casey Baker, RHPs Brad Blackwell, Justin Wayne, Robert Snow, Stephen Spragg, Julio Sanchez, William Ponce and Jonathon Koch, LHPs Brian Martin and Daniel Moore and OF Pat O’Sullivan and 3B Corey Smith. Retained Rule 5 selection RHP Seth Etherton when Royals declined option to accept Etherton. Traded 3B Trey Johnston and OF Matt Thayer to Phillies for RHP Aquilino Lopez. Acquired RHP Chris Jaile from Mariners. Traded 1B Greg Sain to Brewers for cash or a player to be named.

San Francisco Giants

Released 3B John Acha, SSs Tim Bowers and Jamie Athas, OFs Jason Knoedler and Daniel Desouza, RHPs Jordan Thomson, Osvaldo Rodriguez and Arnoldo Mercado, LHPs Mitch Walk and Jeff Urban. Placed RHP Alberto Montes and 1B Chris Staton on voluntarily retired list.

Seattle Mariners

Released Cs Jose Yepez, Anthony Sanguinetti, Jason Radwan and Andy Dominique, OFs Carlos Arroyo, Sam Bradford, William Hogan, Michael Nesbit and Jaime Bubela, 2B Fernando Vina, RHPs Brian Stitt, James Mault, Nibaldo Acosta, Dave Burba, Don Clement, Michael Bumstead, Eric Carter and Stephen Grasley and LHPs Chris Key, Donny Langdon and Jared Thomas. Placed RHP Greg Wear on voluntarily retired list. Returned Rule 5 selection LHP Luis Gonzalez to Dodgers. Traded LHP Luke Lockwood to Phillies.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Signed RHP Rafael Reyes. Released SS Jermy Acey, C Graig Merritt, OF Carlos Ramos, RHPs Calvin Carpenter, Austin Coose, John Cressend, Travis Driskill, Josh Parker, Jeff Autrey, Ryan Bitter, Willy Corporan and T.A. Fulmer and LHPs Wayne Franklin, Jarrad Lavergne, Joe Little, Lavelle Morgan and Mike Navarro. Placed C Nick Anderson on voluntarily retired list.

Texas Rangers

Signed RHPs Armando Galarraga and Bryan Corey. Released 1B Erubiel Durazo, C Craig Hurba, OFs Andrew Wishy, Billy Susdorf, Lizahio Baez, Brandon Cashman, Juan Senreiso, RHPs Justin Abbott, Chris Cordeiro, Juan Maldonado, Warren Rosebrock, Cody Smith, Thomas Van Buskirk, Kellan McConnell and Mark Roberts and LHPs David Smith, Estelin Soto, Brian Matoon and Ivan Ramirez. Traded C Keith McDonald to Yankees for a player to be named.

Toronto Blue Jays

Signed RHPs Israel Ramirez and Ryan Houston. Released SS Shaun Skrehot, IFs Brian Patrick, Charles Anderson and Jeremy Frost, OF Nick Thomas, LHPs Rafael Perez and Clarence Blank and RHPs Cory Hahn, Jeremy Harper, Brian Reed, Mark Sopko and Brian Tollberg.

Washington Nationals

Signed LHP Billy Traber, SS Henry Mateo, 2B Bernie Castro and C Wiki Gonzalez. Released SS Rayner Bautista, OFs Jason Belcher and Ruben Mateo, 1B Chad Chop, Cs Mike DiFelice, Miguel Bernard and John Wilson, LHPs Joe Horgan and Valerio de los Santos, IFs Edgar Gonzalez and Victor Mercedes, 2B Brad Ditter, RHPs Somer Gonzalez, Ryan France, Mayque Quintero and Billy Sylvester. Acquired RHP Chris Thompson from Diamondbacks for future considerations or a player to be named. Placed OF Dee Haynes on restricted list. Placed SS Wes Carroll on voluntarily retired list.

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