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Dominating Duo

Pat Caputo -Premium Content

There are reasons the Tigers entered the 2005 season without a winning record since 1993. The failure to draft and develop top-of-the-line pitching is as big a reason as any. The Tigers have legitimate reason to believe a new generation of pitching prospects could change the organization's course, however.

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Upstart League Mines For Gold

J.J. Cooper -

For a league that has yet to play its first game, the Golden Baseball League has been on a roll. The new independent league that began as a class project at Stanford Business School has managed to make itself the most viable startup league to try to give independent league baseball a try in several years.

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Indy League Notebook

J.J. Cooper -

Just two years ago, the Atlantic League's Pennsylvania Road Warriors fielded a team where Spanish was spoken in the clubhouse nearly as often as English. Now the Latin American influence is disappearing as independent teams find it harder to secure visas for foreign players.

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Rhapsody In Blue

Chris Kline -Premium Content

At 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, Joel Guzman moves incredibly well in the center of the diamond, his work ethic is second to none and his bat is one of the best to come through the system since Adrian Beltre. The only major question is whether or not he'll be able to stay at short.

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The 31st Team

Jim Callis -Premium Content

When we're compiling the 900 scouting reports for the Prospect Handbook, there always are a few that wind up on the cutting-room floor. Here are 37 players who were slated to be in the Handbook at one point but wound up not making the final cut.

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Pearl Lands A Gem

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

After five years of trying, Tim Bennett was down to his last chance, a final all-in bet to keep his dream alive. He and a group of local officials were pulling their second straight all-nighter, trying to work out the final details on an agreement to bring the Braves' Southern League team to Pearl, Miss.

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