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Shuffling Officially Starts

Will Lingo -

Up to now we've just had rumors flying, but now affiliation changes are officially being announced. First up, the Royals are returning their high Class A affiliation to Wilmington after two years at High Desert. Next, Triple-A starts to shake out with Columbus hooking up with the Nationals.

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Playoff Dish: Sept. 18

Every title across the minors was claimed over the weekend, with the exception of the high Class A California League—whose final game will be played tonight.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Who else was in the running for the BA Minor League Player of the Year award besides winner Alex Gordon? Why did Indians lefty Scott Lewis win just three games while leading the minors in ERA? How good is Vanderbilt lefty Cody Crowell?

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Let The Madness Begin

Will Lingo -

The minor league affiliation shuffle gets under way on Saturday, but the stories are already breaking. First, the Blue Jays are getting out of the Appalachian League, and second, local media in Pennsylvania are reporting that the Yankees will move their Triple-A affiliation to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

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Baseball Helps New Orleans Bounce Back

Will Lingo -Premium Content

The effect of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast was disastrous. The governmental response was outrageous. But a year after the hurricane, the power of baseball is helping to heal the wounds in Louisiana. The New Orleans Zephyrs (Pacific Coast) just concluded their season and actually showed an increase in attendance over 2005. After serving as a staging area for relief efforts in the days after Katrina, Zephyr Field will come out in better shape than it was in before the storm. And the team not only provided Tulane with a place to play this spring while the Green Wave's stadium was being rebuilt, but it also spearheaded a number of fund-raising efforts to help the recovery.

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Business Beat: Sept. 15

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

Don't mistake the quiet to mean that nothing is going on. The end of the minor league season meant that many affiliation agreements between major and minor league teams have officially come to an end. Player-development contracts—the official name of the documents that bind a major league and minor league team together—run in two-year increments, so this is the year when unhappy couples can look for greener pastures.

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