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Shuffling Officially Starts

Will Lingo -

Up to now we've just had rumors flying, but now affiliation changes are officially being announced. First up, the Royals are returning their high Class A affiliation to Wilmington after two years at High Desert. Next, Triple-A starts to shake out with Columbus hooking up with the Nationals.

Minors | #2006#Affiliation Shuffle

Playoff Dish: Sept. 18

Every title across the minors was claimed over the weekend, with the exception of the high Class A California League—whose final game will be played tonight.

Minors | #2006#Daily Dish

Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Who else was in the running for the BA Minor League Player of the Year award besides winner Alex Gordon? Why did Indians lefty Scott Lewis win just three games while leading the minors in ERA? How good is Vanderbilt lefty Cody Crowell?

Minors | #2006#Ask BA