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On The Move

Will Lingo -Premium Content

We recently celebrated another anniversary here at Baseball America. Now usually you just mark the big ones, like the 20th and 25th in issues of recent years, but the odd-numbered ones are no less important. For 27 years we've been doing exactly what founding editor Allan Simpson set out to do in the fall of 1980, when he decided he wanted to start a baseball publication that covered the game with a depth that no one had ever attempted. We always cite the de-emphasis of baseball at The Sporting News as an important factor in our birth—and it was—but the fact is that Allan's original vision outstripped TSN's coverage of baseball even at its most comprehensive

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Upping The Ante

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

This July, it counts. Usually independent league all-star games are rather tepid affairs, most notable for bringing most of the league's best players together as a one-stop shop for affiliated baseball scouts. But league bragging rights will be in play on July 15 when the United League's all-stars play host to the Golden League's best at San Angelo's ballpark.

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Needles In The Haystack

J.J. Cooper -

Feel like playing the odds? You can go put a dollar down on a Powerball ticket, or you can try to make the jump from independent baseball to the major leagues. There may be nothing more inspiring than Chris Coste's story. Undrafted out of college as a third baseman, he went to the Northern League, where Fargo-Moorhead manager Doug Simunic helped make him a catcher. After five years in independent ball, he made it to affiliated ball. After six more years in the minor leagues, he got the call to Philadelphia, where he's now in his third year as a catcher for the Phillies. He carries a career average of .314 in 363 major league at-bats, so it's clear that he's a case of a true talent who had been overlooked. It's a great story, but it's also about as rare as a big league knuckleballer.

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Time For A Re-Do

Jim Callis -Premium Content

No club has anything less than unwavering support for its 2007 first-round pick. Yet if that draft were being held 11 months later, the top 10 choices would look radically different than they did last June. David Price clearly established himself as the best prospect in the 2007 draft—lefthanders with a plus-plus fastball/slider combination and outstanding feel and command tend to do that—and the Rays locked in on him early as the No. 1 overall pick. But as easy as that decision was at the time, he wouldn't go first if the draft was restaged.

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Yankees Lefthander Reyes Suspended

Matt Eddy -

Yankees lefthander Angel Reyes received a 50-game suspension for testing positive for stanozolol metabolites, a performance-enhancing substance. Reyes, 21, did not make an Opening Day roster, so his suspension will […]

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Waring Them Out

Marc Katz -Premium Content

Ten days into the new season, Dayton Dragons teammates Todd Frazier and Brandon Waring were not just hitting opponents, they were clobbering them. Frazier, the shortstop out of Rutgers in his home state of New Jersey, failed to get a hit in one official at-bat in the opener, then connected in eight straight games to lift his batting average to .394. At one point, he was hitting .476.

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