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Draft Changes, But Slotting Could Fall Apart

Jim Callis -Premium Content

Which was more surprising? That baseball got a new Collective Bargaining Agreement ahead of schedule and without rancor, or that it included actual changes to the draft rules? Since an arbitrator ruled in 1992 that the draft can't be altered without the union's approval, modifications have been as rare as the Pirates having a winning season.

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Prospect Pulse: Nov. 3

Chris Kline -Premium Content

When the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was announced and included Rule 5 draft alterations, let's just say that not everyone on the field in the Arizona Fall League was thrilled. The AFL, which serves as not only a finishing school for each club's top prospects, but also as a combine for pro scouts to get a look at players eligible for December's Rule 5 Draft, took a hit this year with the changes to the CBA.

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Business Beat: Oct. 31

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

Artificial turf, once the miracle cure for stadiums across the country, is quickly heading toward extinction at the minor league level. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons (International) have already gone forward with plans to roll up their carpet and replace it with grass for the 2007 season. The Wichita Wranglers (Texas), who play on a turf infield and a grass outfield, will leave for Springdale, Ark., before the 2008 season. And now the Syracuse SkyChiefs (International) are looking to replace their turf with grass as well.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Will teams be more willing to punt their first-round picks? Will the new compensation system have much of an effect on the free-agent market? How good is White Sox lefty Heath Phillips?

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