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Promotion Expected For Poreda

Ben Badler -

The White Sox will promote lefthander Aaron Poreda from high Class A Winston-Salem to Double-A Birmingham, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. "I think he’s learned some things here," (manager Tim) Blackwell […]

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Watching Scott Elbert

Ben Badler -

ZEBULON, N.C.—It’s been a tough 14 months for Scott Elbert. The Dodgers lefthander made only three starts last year before being shut down in April with a shoulder injury. Two months […]

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AA Dish: Mets Score 17

Ben Badler -

Binghamton’s lineup brought out the fireworks, Rangers catcher Max Ramirez had a four-hit game and Marlins center fielder Cameron Maybin socked home run No. 12 in yesterday’s Double-A action. EASTERN […]

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Braves’ Young Duo Shakes Up Sally League

Bill Ballew -Premium Content

Hitting third and fourth in the lineup, 18-year-olds Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman appear to be twin sons of different mothers. Two of the youngest players selected in the 2007 draft, taken in the first and second rounds, respectively, the left-handed hitters, both residing in the 6-foot-5, 220-pound range, hail from opposite sides of the country, yet have teamed to not only shake up opposing pitchers on the field, but have become virtually inseparable away from the diamond.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Which 2008 draftees are their team's top prospect? Including recent draft picks, what would a revised Mets Top 10 list look like? If Marshall's Jeff Waggoner the college coach doing the most with the least?

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Non-Prospect Diary: June 6

Dirk Hayhurst -

The fans are shocked, I'm shocked, it's not like this happens all the time, but I'm doing it. I make my way through them, nudging shoulders and excusing myself as I approach the boy. The other children swarming around me beg for the ball in my hand. Some attempt to pry it loose, their little fingers picking at the lock of my grip. I don't let go. I have earmarked it for someone else.

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