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AAA Dish: Freese Ropes Four Hits

Matt Eddy -

PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Prospect Of The Day Memphis third baseman David Freese (Cardinals) changed organizations in last December’s Jim Edmonds trade, and he skipped over Double-A entirely, but he’s been […]

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Non-Prospect Diary: Gas Attack

Dirk Hayhurst -

The gilded sign above the hotel read, "Welcome Guests" but if you ask me, the sentiment was wasted. None of us were happy to be back in this dump. The last time I was here, the air conditioner was busted, the roof leaked, and I caught a Tarantula. Not only did my suit case get wet, but now every time I try to sleep I'm afraid I'm going to wake up to something from Arachnophobia crawling around on my face. Welcome indeed.

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A Rare Swap

J.J. Cooper -

Usually when Southern Illinois (Frontier) manager Mike Pinto loses a player to affiliated ball, it's a case of good news and bad news. While he is helping a player fulfill his dream, which is one of his jobs, it usually leaves a gaping hole in Pinto's lineup. "If I do my job too well (of helping players move on to affiliated ball), I'll get fired," Pinto explained. But this year, Pinto managed to make a deal where it worked out well for everyone involved. He was able to sell one of his players to the Diamondbacks, but get a middle-of-the-order hitter in return.

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Stepping Up

Josh Leventhal -

Barack Obama and John McCain are not the only ones courting the Hispanic demographic as their campaigns for the White House churn into gear this summer. Minor league baseball teams across the country, always in search of adding another layer to their fan base, have also been going out of their way to make sure that this ever-expanding slice of America feels at home at the ballpark. As professional baseball continues to become more and more diverse on the field, minor league teams are trying to ensure the faces in the stands follow suit.

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Will Lingo -Premium Content

Is minor league baseball recession-proof? While gloomy economic news comes from seemingly every direction these days, it's still sunshine and happiness in the minor leagues. Stuff costs more these days, and people have less money to spend, but minor league attendance continues to rise.

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Rookie Dish: Vasquez Stays Hot

Anthony Tynan -

Prospect Of The Day Johnson City shortstop Niko Vasquez (Cardinals) went 5-for-9 with a stolen base in a doubleheader and has put together a nine-game hitting streak. During his tear, […]


Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Which top prospects have been the biggest disappointments in 2008? Why aren't there more elite prospects? Which newcomer is Oakland's second baseman of the future?

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