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2011 Top 20 Rookies

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As much as Baseball America loves prospects, we love rookies more. It's when prospects turn into big leaguers, when they turn the tassel, walk across that stage and graduate from minor to major leaguer. These 20 players are the ones we want to never again appear in a Prospect Handbook.

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Predicting The Season

For this year's predictions on how each team will finish, we've turned to our friends at FanGraphs (, who have used their proprietary system to break down the batting, fielding and pitching of each team. This data is the aggregation of thousands of projections of individual players, and for each category it's expressed as runs above average.

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GMs Need More Skills Than Ever Before

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It would be wildly inaccurate to say that the job of the general manager has become unrecognizable over the last 10 years. The goal remains the same: accumulate the best talent available within a budget in an effort to compete for the short and long term. The most important skill remains talent evaluation and the ability to distill the right kinds of information from diverse sources. The constituencies, too, are largely familiar, with GMs accountable to owners, fellow front-office workers, players, coaching staffs, agents, the media and the fans. Yet while those fundamental elements of the job remain the same, the job of major league general managers has taken on a different complexion and additional dimensions over the past 10 years.

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Weiner Becomes The Friendly Face Of The Union

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Michael Weiner, who became the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association in December, is so nice and so well-liked—and is seen as such a departure, in terms of personality, from his predecessor, Don Fehr—that it sometimes becomes necessary at times for Weiner and his associates to minimize his niceness.

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Top 25 Rookies

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This year's BA staff picks for the top rookies in the major leagues looks a lot like the top of our Top 100 Prospects list, and like that list is led off by Matt Wieters and David Price. The bumper crop of catching prospects in the minor leagues probably won't make its full impact for another season or two, while this season's big infusion of talent will come in center field. Players on this list meet the major league standards for rookies:

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