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Book Review: Inside Baseball, The Best Of Tom Verducci

Jon Caroulis -

om Verducci has a great job — he's the primary baseball writer at Sports Illustrated. This gives him the freedom to take as long as he needs to get the story, and (presumably) the opportunity to choose what he wants to write about. Certainly, there are issues that he has to cover — steroids, for instance — but what comes through in this collection of 21 stories is about his love of the game, a game he writes about so very well.

Majors | #2007#Book Guide

Book Review: Brushing Back Jim Crow

Matt Eddy -

Willie Tasby summed it up: "I was born in America. I should have been able to play anytime, go anyplace I was able to." But Tasby, an outfielder who endured nine years in the minors before getting his chance, was just one of hundreds of black ballplayers whose access to America's Pastime was impeded by the prevailing, stubborn segregationist attitudes of the Deep South. In his thoroughly-researched Brushing Back Jim Crow, author Bruce Adelson details the hardships many of these athletes faced—often in their own words—as they pursued their dreams of playing in the big leagues during the 1950s and early '60s.

Majors | #2007#Book Guide

Book Review: Once Upon A Game

Adam Foster -

After explaining the history of baseball statistics in his first book, former Baseball America senior writer Alan Schwarz turns to memories in his second offering as baseball legends such as Yogi Berra, Ernie Banks, and Ken Griffey Jr. unveil some of their fondest baseball memories in "Once Upon a Game."

Majors | #2007#Book Guide