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The Drought Is Over

The Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series since 1980, ending a drought of almost 30 years. Meanwhile, several other fan bases watched at home and lamented over the droughts their favorite teams are experiencing.

Majors | #2008#Trap's View

The Cool Table

The New York Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. They were so used to sitting at the "cool table" with all of the winners. But, now do they belong at the "loser table" with teams like the Mariners, Royals and Orioles? The Yankees seem to be caught in the middle, unsure in which direction they are headed.

Majors | #2008#Trap's View

Another Blow To Cubs Fans

The Chicago Cubs were swept in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight year. Cubs fans must be wondering when their luck will change. With apologies to Frank "Cannonball" Richards, Paul Trap ponders how the Cubs and its fans feel.

Majors | #2008#Trap's View

Anti-Trust Exempt Monopoly

Paul Trap suggests that baseball is run like if you were playing Monopoly: the anti-trust exemption version. Record profits were earned in 2007, yet owners pulled the Chance card that led them to raising ticket prices. Just how much carrying-around money do the owners really need?

Majors | #2008#Trap's View

Mission Accomplished

Bud Selig claims the Mitchell Report to be a success. So, Paul Trap jokes about what Selig would look like when stating, "Mission Accomplished."

Majors | #2008#Trap's View

Just Who Is In The Mitchell Report?

The names in the Mitchell Report were a mystery. But there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the players, both those who were named and those who weren't. So, Paul Trap wonders if the Mitchell Report was such a joke that even Santa Claus' Donder was named.

Majors | #2008#Trap's View