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Rookie Of The Year: Kris Bryant

Gordon Wittenmyer -

Kris Bryant has responded to every challenge the Cubs presented and has rarely struggled. (Photo by Tony Farlow)CHICAGO—Just before the Cubs made their final decision on the franchise’s highest draft pick in more than a decade—what had the chance to be the most significant pick in Theo Epstein’s organizational overhaul—Cubs executives flew to California for another meeting with Kris Bryant. “We asked him if he ever struggled,” Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said of the San Diego slugger who earn

BA Awards Gala | #2015 Rookie Of The Year#Anthony Rizzo#Joe Maddon

Major League Player Of The Year: Bryce Harper

Staff Report -

You will find no shortage of complex metrics by which to evaluate Bryce Harper’s 2015 season. Whether you prefer WAR, OPS+, wOBA, wRC+ or any other sabermetric-friendly measure of your choosing, Harper’s performance this year is confirmed as nothing short of remarkable.But you really don’t need fancy stats to confirm this. Let’s keep this about as basic as it gets, using time-honored measures everybody understands.Harper hit 42 home runs this season, with a .330 batting average and .460 on-base

BA Awards Gala | #2015 Major League Player Of The Year#Bryce Harper#Major League Player of the Year