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Tiebreaker Rules May Vex Team USA

J.J. Cooper -

Team USA could be eliminated before it plays another game. Because of a quirk in the scheduling, Japan plays two more games before the U.S. plays its pool finale against Mexico. If Japan beats Mexico by any margin in Tuesday night's game, then beats Korea in Wednesday's game in a relatively low-scoring affair, the U.S. would be eliminated, as the first tiebreaker in case of a three-way tie is runs allowed in common games.

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Team USA Wins Revenge Game

Jack Magruder -

In a rematch of their 2003 Olympic qualifier in Panama, the United States and Mexico again took a tie game into the ninth inning. This time, the U.S. got the hit that mattered, when Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Braves) grounded a single to right field to drive in Brad Snyder (Indians) from third base in the last of the ninth for a 5-4 victory in the second game of CONCEBE Regional Olympic qualifying tournament Wednesday.

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Baseball Eliminated From Olympics After 2008

John Manuel -

Jacques Rogge finally got what he wanted: baseball and softball out of the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee, following the lead of its president, had secret-ballot voting on all 28 sports on the Olympic program Thursday, and baseball and softball were the only two that failed to receive the majority of votes needed to stay in the Games. So the 2008 Beijing Olympics will likely be the last Games with baseball and softball for the foreseeable future.

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